Ocean Vida’s Asian & European Dish

Though Malapascua has nothing much to offer in terms of water sports, party, shopping (souvenirs). But the place offers various mouthwatering dishes you can enjoy. One of the restaurants we tried is Ocean Vida’s Beach and Dive Resort Restaurant. This resort is located in Malapascua’s beach front. A great place to just quietly relax in their bean bags and enjoy the food. Meals cost around Php350-500 per person.


Mixed Seafood (Fish Fillet + Calamari)


Fish fillet with herbs. Fish top with Mozarella is awesome! (recommended)


Pork Curry with Banana and Pineapple


Vodka Orange


Mango Tequila


This night was my birthday celebration with my sister and frieds (Mae, Anna, Jean & Sean).



Recommendation: The food is just so, so… I’m sorry Ocean Vida, for the cost, we didn’t get value for money. I’m not recommending this restaurant. Though it’s a good place to hang-out and drink with your friends.

2 thoughts on “Ocean Vida’s Asian & European Dish

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