Malapascua Garden Resort


We’re surprised of how lovely Malapascua Garden Resort is! The location is not that inviting because the resort is located at the back of the beachfront, it’s located where most of the locals live. It is a 5 minutes walk from the beach front. The resort is easy to find, when you arrive in the island, locals will ask you if you already have a place to stay, just tell them you are booked at MGR (Malapascua Garden Resort) and they will guide you the resort. Be sure to be nice and give a tip to this friendly local.


Each rooms has a veranda, outside, there’s a garden, handcrafted chairs and tables, a bar and super nice resort staff hanging out around.


Rooms has 1 queen-sized bed and 1 single bed. The room can accommodate four persons. This room cost P2,000 (USD50)/night and can accommodate 3-4 persons. Everything is new in the resort, that’s why we love it here!


Each rooms is equipped with a closet, 32″ LCD TV and a safety box.


We really had a great stay here in Malapascua Garden Resort, the sister of the owner is so kind to us. She upgraded our room, gave us some snacks, provide free extra pillows, free water refill and much more! You can also ask her everything from island hopping tours to best places to go, etc.


 You can book Malapascua Garden Resort through to get the cheapest rate.

TIP: They also offer to cook your breakfast according to your request. But be sure to ask how much it cost because it might be cheaper to have your breakfast at Ging’s Restaurant just a minute away from the resort.

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