2013 Regional Conference at Surabaya Travel Diary

Business Trip: Surabaya Day 1

I went to Surabaya last January 21-25, 2013 together with other Supply Chain and Customers Ops for our annual regional meeting.

Day 1 is packed with classroom meetings, presenting what the team achieved last fiscal year and cascading goals and plans for FY13. I enjoy this kind of meetings, because I learn to appreciate what I’m doing (which I thought is mundane task), then realized that it somehow contribute to a bigger goals achieved by the team. I also get a clear picture of where we’re heading as a team, get to know our priorities and focus on that for the rest of the year.

Before we head out for dinner, they gave us S-KROSS universal adapter. I love this stuff, as this is very useful and handy when you travel.

Then we have a cultural dinner at Dewa-Ndar Culture Resto. We were welcome by old folks playing native musical instruments. We’ve tried Indonesian local dishes and tried dancing Yogyakarta (a Javanese court dance).

It was a long day…

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