Go, Fight!

I am still overwhelmed with my decision to accept a job offer from a new company and to resign from my current work. It is a mixed emotions, i’m overjoyed and excited, yet i’m sad and scared. Overjoyed because, God has proven Himself again to me, that He can do amazing things for me, He can give “beyond normal” blessings. Excited, because it’s a new beginnings, new role and responsibilities, new learning, new people to work with and new office. I’m sad because I’ll definitely miss my friends… Scared, because I don’t know how things will work, but somehow I am confident that this is a gift from God, God called me here and for sure this is gonna be so big and great!

The only truth that gives me the confidence that i made the right decision is God’s word to me during  prayer and fasting 2013, that “He will bring me out of my comfort zone, because out of my comfort zone, there is greater, joy, peace, blessings and favor. Out of my comfort zone I can bring glory and honor to God even more!” I should go because I’m holding on to God’s promise “The battle is not yours, but God’s.” (2 Chronicles 20:15). Because whenever there’s a new battles that I need to fight, this is the time when I completely trust God, because I know my strength and abilities is not enough. I can only be sure of winning the battle if I let God fight for me!


I remember David’s fight… When God calls him to fight the giant Goliath, people around him, even his own family looked down on him. But He don’t care much about what people say, he don’t hesitate to fight. Because David knows that God is by his side. David is so sure that he will win the battle. Instead of David looking at the enemy, he look to God instead and he saw how BIG his God is and how small is Goliath. So in the end, David wins!

I don’t know what’s ahead of me, only God knows my future, Jesus knows what’s best for me and He will fight for me. Like David, I will focus my eyes on my BIG God, who can do amazing things for me!

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