First Solo Chic Movie Watching

I’ve finally got the chance to watch first movie in 2013 – “Les Miserables”. I’ve got the courage to watch a movie alone while I’m on a business trip in Surabaya, Indonesia. Ciputra World’s XXI The Premiere Cinema is huge, they have 10 movie houses, showing international and local movies.


Les Miserables literally means the “The Miserable Ones.” It is a French Historical Novel by Victor Hugo published in 1862. Finally in 2012, the movie was shown under the direction of Tom Hooper. It’s an all start cast Huge Jackman, Russel Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried. I haven’t read the book nor watched it in a play, but after seeing this movie I’ve got deeper appreciation for novels, musical plays and films which culminates history and somehow imbibe a love story, where most of viewers can easily relate with.




The film revolves around the story of Jean Valjean, he is an ex-convict who eventually became a Mayor of a town in France.


Jean met the dying Fantine, a poor miserable mother who has an illegitimate daughter named Cosette. He was entrusted by Fantine to take care of  her daughter Cosette.



But as fugitive, because of envy and unforgiving heart, a police inspector, Javert was determined to capture him and send him back to prison.


As the film caption says Les Miserables is a story of FIGHT. DREAM. HOPE. LOVE. As for me Les Miserables, is a story of unconditional love of a mother to her children (Fantine to Cosette), staying faithful to a promise (Jean to Fantine to Cosette), love at first sight which can lead to real true love (Marius to Cosette), Loving someone so dear even he’s not loving you back (Eponine to Marius) and patriotism and heroism (Gavroche, Colonel Georges Pontmercy, Enjolras, Petit-Gervais and Fauchelevent to France)

As the movie ends, I want to stand up and give the whole cast a big hand of applausde and told myself, I must watch this live in a play.



One thought on “First Solo Chic Movie Watching

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