6 Hours Layover in Hongkong

I love Hongkong, this is one of my favorite city, and will most likely come back over and over again! So when I had the option to choose a connecting flight going to Surabaya, I choose Hongkong over Singapore. Good thing, that the layover is almost 6 hours, I have the opportunity to go out from the airport and go to Tung Chung where Citygate Outlets is located! Here are some tips if you plan to go out during your layover period:

  • Research, search the web. Refer to other travelers experience on lay-over. Ask your airline or travel agency if going out is possible.
  • If you are a Filipino you don’t need a visa going out, all you have to do is to line-up in the immigration to go out. It will take 30 minutes to 1 hour, from arrival to immigration.


  • To be sure, ask, ask, ask. Ask airport staff, tell them that you have connecting flight at this time and you want to go out, when is the safest time to go back.


  • If you only have less than 6 hours, go to Tung Chung for cable car and outlet shopping or to Asia World Expo for exhibit or conference. This place is just 15-20 minutes away from airport via S1 bus.
  • As for me, I went shopping. Citygate Outlets is always on sale, among my favorite brands here are Nike, Adidas, Coach, Mango, Swatch, Crocs, Esprit, Levis and Polo Ralph Lauren/


  • Coach sale can be crazy, aside from 30% off, they can give another 20% off one day sale.


  • You might want to buy a hand-carry luggage to carry all the things you shop. Like I did, I bought this red American Tourister luggage for HKD$670.


  • Going back, take S1 bus, this will bring you to the airport in 15 minutes.


  • Go back to HK airport at least 2 hours before your flight. Immigration counter might take too long.
  • There’s a huge duty free shops inside Hongkong airport, so you can go around while waiting for your fllight.

6 hours is not enough…. i wish i have more time…

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