Work & Life in Monsanto

May 15 2007, this is my first day at work in Monsanto, a multinational biotech agricultural firm. Having a consumer and NGO background, Monsanto, BT corn, herbicides, agriculture is a bit strange for me. The first thing I did when Evalou called me up for interview is to search the company in Fortune 500 listed companies, and there you go, Monsanto ranks 323 while Kimberly Clark ranks 137. It is a tough decision, but since I will be based in Alabang and they offered better compensation and benefits package, I accepted the job offer as Sales Support Officer.


My few weeks of on-boarding was really exciting, it was my first time to meet a real “scientist” and colleagues with Doctorate degree who are successful in their field yet maintains a low profile. I admire this kind of leaders and I found out that these is normal for people in agriculture industry. Doc Arnold, Doc Gab, Sir Dodong, Doc Vic, Sir Nonong to name a few.


Then after few months, I have the opportunity to meet my internal customers during Value Selling Workshop in Phinma, Tagaytay and Technical orientation in Gensan. They are the sales team from Luzon and Mindanao… I was hired by Adi, to support this team and it was good to know I will have colleagues of my age and lifestyle levels whom I can relate with. The Sales Team from Luzon and Mindanao are cool, funny, hip and like me, they are all very eager to learn and are truly dedicated in their job. I feel that all of them are having  a great time in Monsanto. Image


 After 2 years, a new team was formed… The Customer Operations. Finally, I’m no longer adopted by Commercial Sales, this time I belong in a team. Customer Ops was lead by Erwin and Customer Ops Representatives for different areas were lead RJ, Bernice, Gen, Cha and Aileen. Most of them resigned and some go back to Sales, yet they will always be a good friend.Image


In my 6 years, I have several chances to visit the corn fields in Luzon, Mindanao, Thailand and Indonesia. Most of the time, I join DKLC or Dekalb Learning Center…




I also enjoyed every Monsanto’s National Annual Conferences, aside from knowing the next FY strategies, directions and targets, this is also an opportunity for everyone to be together as one PH team to talk about business during the day and chill, relax, sing and dance at night till dawn.  Mophil peeps knows how to work hard and party hard!






I’m also grateful because my job in Monsanto, gave me a  chance to travel in and out of the country, I see to it that every business travel would be fun. So I really tried to squeeze in some time to go around and enjoy the place. Either I go out at night or extend my stay with my colleagues.

Chocolate Hills-34




Ride The Zorb Boracay-02

Picture 082

I’m so blessed to be part of Monsanto family, Monsanto is a great company. I thank God the opportunity to work here and to work with this bunch of professionals. For some work is just work, but as for me, here I also found good friends, whom I can share my stress, my rants and even my life. Endless chat, joke and rants over a cup of frappucino or dinner at Westgate, ATC and Molito. These are my some of my closest friends met in this journey.

field4 Muntinlupa City-20130219-00312 Resorts World-15 Monsanto Christmas Party 2011-04

Lastly, more than my rewarding job and amazing colleagues, I also thank God that He bring me to this kind of industry where we can help farmers to improve their lives. Everytime I see farmers, excited for our product breakthroughs, because of higher yield (which means higher income for them), I see hope in their eyes, hope not just for themselves but hope for their families too!




3 thoughts on “Work & Life in Monsanto

  1. This was so insipiring. I applied for a post as Customer Operations Specialist yesterday. Looking forward to be part of Monsanto.. 🙂

      • I am super excited to be part of Monsanto. Do you know how long does the interview/selection process takes? I submitted my application about 3days ago. Thanks! 🙂

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