How to Commute to/from Mc Kinley-Alabang?

It’s been a while since I post my last blog. Independent princess can’t find time to write. I’m consumed by my new job in another corporate world and some other activities. Oh well, i’ve been planning to write about commuting in Mc Kinley since its been one of my challenges in my new job. I can be able to save 10k if i commute, so i explore all the possibilities to do so, its like weighing convenience vs a new bag, a travel, investment, gadgets and so many more i can do with 10k right?!


Grand Canal Mall at Mc Kinley

Since The Fort and Mc Kinley is booming now, and will be the next business district in Manila, there’s a huge effort from the local government of Taguig to make public transportation accessible to commuters. And so far, this is the most convenient way. Since I live in Binan, Laguna, I’ll share with you, how to commute if you’re living down south.

From Binan To Mc Kinley (travel time: 1 hr to 1 hr 30 mins, depending on traffic)

Option 1

  1. Go to Jac Liner bus station, get-on a bus going to LRT, Buendia, Lawton (P52)
  2. Get-off in Magallanes
  3. Cross the overpass bridge, going to edsa (makati) side, walk going to San Lorenzo Place, where van (shuttle) and bus terminal is located, its around 5 minutes walk.
  4. Get-on a van or shuttle and get-off in Mc Kinley, first stop is One World bus stop. (P25)

Option 2

  1. Take jeepney (P25) or van (P40) or drive (P34 toll + P30 Parking + P120 gas)  going to Star Mall Alabang, Transport Terminal located in 2 Level Parking, Starmall
  2. Get on a van going to Mc Kinley (P 70)
  3. Drop off to Mc Kinley


From Mc Kinley to Binan (travel time: 1 hr to 1 hr 30 mins)

Option 1
Take a bus to Ayala in transport terminal located at the back of Venice Piazza mall.
Get on a shuttle (van) going to Alabang (P70)
Get off in South Station/Star Mall, transport terminal.
Walk to Festival Mall, get on a shuttle going to Binan or Southwoods (P40) or Get on a jeepney going to Binan or Pacita in Starmall (P25)

Option 2
Take a cab going to Market Market transport terminal (P80)
Get on a bus to Alabang-Pacita (P60)

Option 3
Take a van going to Alabang in transport terminal  located at the back of Venice Piazza mall. (P70)
Get off in Festival Mall/ South Station/Starmalltransport terminal.
Get on a shuttle going to Binan or Southwoods (P40) or Jeepney to Binan or Pacita (P25)

Ladies, Some more tips, when commuting always bring a fan, umbrella, sunglasses, bottle of water, a book or any gadget that can keep you busy. Or better, this is the best time to sleep, just be sure to keep your bags safe.

So there you go, hope this helps! 🙂

13 thoughts on “How to Commute to/from Mc Kinley-Alabang?

  1. good afternoon po,

    until ngaun po may sakayan pa po ba ngaun dyan sa alabang starmall papunta venice grand canal po..

  2. Thank you so much for this. Dami naming sinearch na route from south to mckinley, taguig and ang daming sikot sikot.Then, may van pala sa alabang to mckinley 🙂 thank you

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