Trekking Mount Batur

Mount Batur-149

One of the highlights of our Bali trip is climbing this rising 5,633 feet, 1.717 meeters Mount Batur for 2 hours long at 4am. Quite challenging for me. First, I have to wake at 1:00am to prepare, because the service will pick-us up at 2:30AM. Then we have to travel another 4okm from Ubud to feet of Mount Batur  in Kintamani region, for around 2 hours. For the sake of adventure milestones and bucket list achievement, I did all this!

Mount Batur-102

We arranged our treck with our hotel “Villa Prana Shanti,” it’s the best way to go, hassle-free. The manager of the hotel, prepared our breakfast early, so we can bring it and eat while traveling to Kintamani. Our driver which also a tourist guide, introduced us to our guide, Wayan and his friends. He is super funny and nice. He keeps on pushing us. Promise, halfway pa lang, we don’t want to make it to the finish already, our feet is aching and it’s really cold! It’s a hard climb for someone like me, whose experience in climbing is only Taal Volcano.

Mount Batur-169


And after two hours, of trekking and leaping, and whining, and laughing, and singing, we’re at the top! The first thing I did is to relax my tired feet with this view… Picture perfect!Mount Batur-144

Mount Batur-127


We made it though! Congrats girls, it’s another Bali adventure that we conquered! Woot^^woot!

Mount Batur-157


The much awaited sunrise it is!

At the top, we also saw this small cave.

Mount Batur-161

And going down, it’s an easy relaxing walk with this view. It feels good, feeling may na-achieve!

Mount Batur-170

Almost there… Good to see farmers in action.

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