Bali: 5 days Budget Guide


When I started posting pictures in my Instagram account during our trip in Bali, friends were asking me how much did it cost… So hope this summary of our expenses can help you plan your trip in Bali. 🙂

Transportation, P11,516

  • Airfare via Cebu Pacific, P8,200
  • Terminal Fee at Philippine Airport: P550
  • Terminal Fee at Bali Airport: P550 (150,000 Rupiah)
  • Phil Goverment Tax: P1,250
  • Cab from Airport to Nusa Dua, P350 (95,000 Rupiah)
  • Cab from Nusa Dua to Ubud, P1,100 (300,000 Rupiah)
  • Shuttle from Villa Prana Shanti (Ubud) to Ubud Center, Free
  • Cab from Ubud to Seminyak, P1,100 (300,000 Rupiah)
  • Cab from Seminyak to Airport, P350 (95,000 Rupiah)

*We shared fare for cab, so total expenses for cab is around P3,000 split into 3, P1,000/person. Getting a cab is the most convenient way to go around Bali. All the cab drivers that we met are all nice, warmth Balinese. They are immensed deeply in Balinese cultures, they love their country, they are all proud of Bali and they are kind enough to offer and show you drop you in places that every tourist will love. Along ur way to the hotel, we visit coffee plantation, temples, Batik Weaving Store, Souvenir shops, and more, if we want to!

Accomodation, P5,065

  • Kinds Villa Bintang, Nusa Dua, P4,310/night (P1437/pax)
  • Villa Prana Shanti, Ubud, P3,810/night x 2 nights (P2,540/pax)
  • Arana Suites, Seminyak, P3,265/night (P1,088/pax)

*All our accomodation includes breakfast for 3-4 persons.

Activities, P3,455

  • Parasailing, P730 (200,000 Rupiah)
  • Trekking at Mountain Batur, P1,275 (350,000 Rupiah) – Breakfast not included
  • Basic Surfing Lesson at Seminyak, P1,100 (300,000 Rupiah)
  • Surfing Photos and Video in CD, P1,100/3 P350 (300,000 Rupiah)

Food, P2,400

  • Food cost around P300-400/head per meal
  • P400 * 6 meals = P2,400

*Since most of our days are packed with activities, we usually skipped lunch. We ate in recommended restaurants by the locals. Bali serves all kinds of dishes from Indonesian to Italian.

Shopping, P 1,660

  • Souvenirs, shirts, ballpen and keychains which cost P730 (200,000 Rupiah)
  • Organic Coffee and tea at Negari agro, P930, 100 grams cost around 60k-80k Rupiah

Total Expenses for this trip: P24,096 (USD542)

TIP: We met Mr. Wayan Arsa in Ubud, you can contact him for all activities/adventures you want to try in Bali Mobile +628123927595


“The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.”

– G.K. Chesterton


6 thoughts on “Bali: 5 days Budget Guide

  1. Thanks for this! I’ll be going to Bali next month. My first trip overseas as an adult (thus w/ my own money) so I had no clue how much to bring. Very helpful, though is the overall amount already inclusive of tue air dare and tax?

    • Hi angrypink! Yes airfare, tax and terminal fee in ph and id is included… But note terminal fee increase from 1250 to 1620. You’re welcome, thanks for reading my blogs about Bali! God bless you! 🙂

  2. Thanks again! One more thing. Would it be safe to just budget 20k since our airfare is already paid for? Or w/ 20k, i might end up scrimping on things?

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