My Personal Psalms

I’ve wasted seven years being in a wrong relationship. I disobeyed, dishonored YOU oh Lord that long.

My heart, my being, pursue this man… A man who evetually hurt me, and left me broken and alone in the dark.

In the darkness…

I saw a light coming ahead of me. That light is YOU. YOU picked up the broken pieces of me. And made me whole again. When you restored me, I respond in submission. “Lord, I submit my life to you.” While uttering this prayer, I’m also believing your wonderful plans for me. My Father, YOU know what’s best for me!

Into the new season…

My feet wandered around places. You revealed new things, so that I can learn new skills, expand my knowledge, build new friendships, experience life adventures, be a blessing to my family, friends and even people I do not know, received blessings and breakthroughs and get to know YOU personally. Only YOU can do that! I am captivated by YOUR love oh Lord. I trust YOU alone.

A wounded heart…

After all these wonderful experiences, your princess remains to be a princess. That desire to be a queen & be captivated by her knight still remains. Though YOUR princess, has been open, she remained guarded and wise. She seeks YOU first, she includes YOU in her dating life because the princess will only choose a relationship that will honor YOU.

Tired princess…

Here I am, my Father, my King. Your princess, whom YOU loved with Your EVERLASTING LOVE. A tired princes… I thought I was strong, independent, but I realized I’m not. Last year, I realized I’m so tired, I cannot do this alone anymore… I neeed YOUR STRENGTH. I need someone to defend me and that’s YOU! For the past 6 years, I am struggling… Because part of me was not yet completely surrendered to YOU. But this 2014, I lifted up to YOU, my whole being. I will wait on YOU.

I will no longer….

…..push for what I want

…..I will no longer do things things my way but YOUR way

…..I will no longer face giants with my own strength, but with YOUR STRENGTH, you will fight for me!

I will….

I will seek your face Oh Lord, I will never stop calling YOU, I believe in your promise, YOU will answer and reveal to me great and amazing things.

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. – Jeremiah 33:3

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