Vertical Trek to Magdapio Falls


Magdapio Falls is located between Cavinti and Pagsanjan, Laguna. I just knew that Magdapio Falls was used to be the famous Pagsanjan Falls. I lived in Laguna, but never been around. So, instead of the usual Tagaytay roadtrip with my friend, we head on to Cavinti, Laguna to see th falls. Pagsanjan is 2.5 hr from Manilla, while Cavinti is 3 hrs from Manila.


There are two ways to reach the falls, one is through Shooting the Rapid boat ride from Pagsanjan, boatmen will accompany tourist using small boats. This day tour usually cost around Php 3,000, the tour includes trasnpo from Manila-Pagsanjan, life vest, banca ride and lunch.


If you’re more adventurous, the other option is through vertical trek from Cavinti, Laguna. The trek starts in Pueblo El Salvador Nature’s Park and Picnic Grove. You can safely park your car here or you can also commute from Manila to this park. The trek cost P300/each, you will be provided by a tour guide. From the park, you have to go down to the It will take you 30-40 mins to reach the main falls, one has to go down a steep steel ladder, which in one section goes vertically straight down. Going down is easy, as there are options to rapel. You can just ask the guide to drop you slowly, which we did!



When you reach the falls, you’ll meet other tourist from Pagsanjan, most of them are Koreans. You can ride the bamboo raft as many times as you want, it will take you underneath the falls and experience the strong water from 70 ft above.



In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

~John Muir

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