How I Got My Korea Visa?

Filipinos are required to have a visa when going to Korea. But don’t worry, as long as you completed document requirements, getting Korea Visa is fairly easy. Korea Embassy process is so efficient that it will only takes you 20-30 minutes waiting time to apply and release your visa. Your visa will be release within 5 working days.

Here’s the easiest way to get Korea Visa for Filipinos:

  1. Check out Korea Embassy website for complete and updated visa document requirements. I have listed the following requirements as of February 2014.

Tourist Visa Requirements for Employees:

  1.  Application Form
  2. 1piece of Passport size colored picture
  3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6 months)
  4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
  5. Original Certificate of Employment (with contact number/s & address of company and date of issue)
  6. Original Personal Bank Certificate (NOT Bank Statement) – BPI issued my bank statement on the same day I applied for it
  7. Photocopy of ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316 

If you have valid visa/s stamp to OECD countries, you must also submit Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable, and Korean Visas will not be counted)

For visa requirements for businessman, students, KOREAN’s sister/brother in law, KOREAN’s parents in law, Religious workers, Filipino Married to Military Personnel Stationed in Korea, Children of a Filipino Married to a Military Personnel Stationed in Korea, Foreign Nationals in the Philippines, Filipino Married to KOREAN (Tourist Visa), Children of Korean married to  Filipinos (Tourist Visa), F21 Visa (Marriage Visa), Studying abroad, C4(short term employment for entertainers, athletes), Seaman’s wife (tourist visa), Workers (with visa issuance number ), D9 visa, click HERE.

4-Easy Steps:

  1. Applicants or their representative must submit application form and requirements at Korea Embassy Consular Office located at 122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634, Philippines from 9-11 AM. This is on a first come, first serve basis.  So you may want to come early. No appointment needed. For direction how to get there, click here.
  2. Before you enter the embassy, you will need to leave your ID to security guard. You will have to sign their visitors list, they will give you visitors ID, you have to wear this inside the embassy.
  3. Register and get a number from the guard, if your number doesn’t appear on the screen yet, please sit down & wait for you number to be called. (I came 830am, they started calling numbers at 9am, and I was called around 915am and in in 2 minutes I’m done.)


4.     Processing takes 5 working days for first time travelers and 3 working days for frequent travelers.  ImageThis may be extended though, depending on the Consul’s decision.  Releasing time is only from 2-4 pm. (I came around 315pm, and my visa was released at 330pm).

Visa Fee:

  • 59 days (or less) stay in Korea – GRATIS
  • 60 to 90 days stay in Korea — PHP1,800.00

Other important reminders:

  • Please make sure that you have filled out the correct visa application form, check the correct application form with the guard on duty, fill it out completely, and write “not applicable” if appropriate. Do not leave any blanks.
  • Bank Certificates should indicate the amount of money you have in the bank and the date it was opened.
  • Employment Certificate should indicate compensation and length of stay in the company. It should also have a valid landline number.
  • Paste your passport size photo on the application form.
  • Remove covers or jacket of your passport.  Staple old & new passport together.
  • Remove paperclips, rubber bands, envelopes and folders.
  • Please arrange your documents accordingly: Visa application form on top, then photocopy of passport & visas issued from other countries, then supporting documents
  • Contact number in Korea is very important, please don’t forget to fill out the contact number of your guarantor or your hotel in Korea.
  • Applicants, especially First Time travelers, are advised to personally claim their visas.  An interview with the Consul may be required before the result of the application is given.  E-6 Applicants/Entertainers, must personally appear for an interview before the visa can be issued. Do not forget to get your releasing slip / claim stub upon submission of documents.
  • The embassy will return your original passport on the releasing date assigned to your application, they do not return any documents, so please make sure that you have submitted only a photocopy of ITR, Business permit, contract, marriage contract, birth certificate, etc.

6 thoughts on “How I Got My Korea Visa?

  1. Me and my group are planning to apply for visa just wanna ask if we need to personally submit the application in the Embassy or is it possible that only one of us could do the job? We lived in Mindanao by the way so it’s kinda hassle for us. Hoping for your response. Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi ladywanderer,
      Actually, no you don’t need to personally submit and claim korea visa. I actually also applied in behalf of my sister’s visa. Just be sure that you have complete requirements and correct information. The only hassle i have when my sister’s TIN number given by her company is not correct, so when the embassy checked it, TIN was not verified, so I submitted to them CORRECT TIN number, and I have to wait another 3 days, and thank GOd they release her visa.

      • Thank u. Anyway, apparently I have another problem. We’ll be travelling on February 2014 and we’re planning on submitting our application this year. I asked our HR for my Cert. of Employment which stated that my contract(I’m Contractual by the way) will end by December and I don’t know if it’ll help that it was stated that I was hired 2011. We renew our contracts every year. Any advice pls? Thank u. Thank u.

      • I suggest you ask your HR not to mention your end contract date, anyways, most of employment certificate only mention that “this employee has been in the company since 2011…” Hopefully your HR is ok with this 🙂

  2. Hi I my husband and I want to make a tour at Korea.. I am already a retired govt. Employee. My husband no longer working since 2000. So we ca not submit an ITR.. WHAT will be its substitute?

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