Seoul: 6 Days Budget Guide



  • Airfare via Cebu Pacific(MLA-INC-MLA), P 8,300
  • Travel Tax, P1,620
  • Terminal Fee, P550


  • Blessing in Seoul, P5,000
  • Double Room Accommodation for 2 pax: 2,000/night * 5 night


  • Bus from Incheon Airport to Cheongyangni, P400
  • Taxi from Cheongyangni to Hotel, P200
  • T-Money (Getting around Seoul), P1,020
  • Bus from Cheongyangni to Incheon Airport, P400
  • Taxi from Hotel to Cheongyangni,P200


  • Deoksugung Palace, P40
  • North Seoul Tower Cable Car, P360
  • Bike Rental at Olympic Park, P120
  • Coex Aquarium Entrance Fee, P780
  • City Tour Bus, P600

Food, P4,000

Shopping, P5,000

 Total:  P28,590

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