Captivated by Cherry Blossoms

My sister and I missed cherry blossoms during our trip in Seoul last month, so I started asking God to see Sakura in Japan. Everyday, I’m monitoring Cherry Blossoms report of – a week before my trip (April 11-20, 2014), report says, Cherry Blossoms starts to fall in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and other parts of Japan. The only full bloom forecast is in Nagano, which is 3 hrs travel by bullet train from Tokyo… In my prayer, I told God, Lord as much as I want to see Sakura, I hope I don’t need to travel that long just to see one tree. Please God, even it’s not in full bloom, but at least one tree. And true enough, God just romanced me and captivated me, He heard my simple prayer, I’m so kilig to see this tree covered with my favorite color.. This pink-ish petals, reminds me of feminity, ladylike, soft, vulnerable…  The first hundred of Sakura lined up in my first stop, Osaka Castle Park.


My second stop is in Osaka Mint Bureau, I don’t have any idea where this place is, as a true wanderer, I just followed my map, asked locals, walked and follow road signs, until I saw thousands of people, going in this side of the city, so I followed the huge crowd. I was so amazed of what I saw, various types of Cherry Blossoms, from light pink to darker shade of pink, there are even as pure as white.

DSC02316 DSC02309 DSC02294 DSC02293  DSC02286 DSC02285

Everywhere I go, there are Sakura, God just gave me not just one tree, but a thousands of them, not just in one Osaka but wherever I go in Kyoto, Nara, Odawara, Gotemba, Tokyo and Yokohama.

Sakura Trees at Osaka Castle Park


Isn’t our God is the sweetest? He cares even in small things that we desire… I asked for one Cherry Blossoms Tree and He gave me hundreds. Amazing 🙂

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