3 Must Have Apps When Travelling in Japan

Japan government will soon lift visa requirement for Filipino tourist in Japan by June 2014. So if you’re planning to go, here are some useful apps that really help me to wander around Japan and see the most beautiful gardens, temples, architecture, museum, taste their delightful ramen, katsu, cutlet, deserts, and experience the goodness and disciplined people, efficient process and technologies, rich culture, extensive train and bus system and a lot more.


Osaka and Tokyo Rail Map
Japan has a wide extensive train network, its the fastest and easiest way to travel. They have trains and bullet trains. Though transportation around Japan is not cheap, if you’re tourist they offer good deals of transport passes. Though, i find hyperdia.com more useful than these app. This app is free, you need internet connection to use this app. Though they have offline version that cost $4.99

Pocket Lingo and Learn Japanese
Japan is not an english speaking country. You will only encounter very few locals who can speak basic eigo (english). So its important that you at least know the basic for general conversation, transportation, direction, accomodation, restaurants and of course shopping! These app, contains all these basic words, written and spoken and its free.

Japan Guide with me and Triposo Japan
These offline apps are free. It contains all the information you need in every city in Japan. Jgwm and triposo, suggests what to see, where to stay, how to get in, how to get around, where to travel next, etc. This is my favorite Japan travel app, since i don’t have internet connection i always check from here where to go next those times I’m lost. You can also check out http://www.japan-guide.com i planned my itinerary from this site.

Download these apps from iTunes for free.

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