Single’s Escape at Blue Coral Beach Resort

It’s been 5 years since I joined my first and last ever Victory Alabang single’s retreat. In 5 years, ang dami nang nagbago. Cai, our VG leader, is like our mother, she looks after us and ensure that we’re having a good time. And this May 2014, ako na ang mother hen… I was with my girls Angel, Aubrey and Shirley and ensure that they’re having fun!


Blue Coral Resort Beach Front

The event was lead by Pastor Chico and his wife Maryanne. We spent 2 days in Blue Coral Beach Resort in Laiya Batangas. It’s a nice place. Thought nothing to rave about.


Laiya Beach


One of my favorite things to do: Quiet Time by the Beach


Enjoying the swimming pool with these girls, some I just met 🙂


View from our room


Blue Coral Rooms has veranda

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