Few Japanese Words You Must Learn When Travelling in Japan


Travelling in non-English speaking country is quite challenging, travelling alone in non-English country for the first time is really challenging! It’s vital to learn their language, at least the basic to survive. As for me I consider the following words/phrases essential during my travel in Japan. Believe me, I was able to survived for 11 days, having these few words and phrases in my pocket.

General Conversation

  • Hello, ko ni chi wa
  • Good morning, ohaya gozaimas
  • Good afternoon, ko ni chi wa
  • Good evening, kon ban wa
  • Excuse me, summimasen
  • Help, tasukete
  • Can you help me, tasketekuremaska
  • Can you speak english, eigo ga hanasemaska


  • I’m goin to, watashi wa… Ni ittemas
  • Where’s toilet, toire wa doko deska
  • Where is,… Wa doko deska
  • How far is it, donokurai tooii desuka


  • Train station, densya no eki
  • Train, densya
  • What is this station, kono eki wa nan desuka
  • Where’s the next station? Tsugiono eki wan nan desuka
  • Bicyle, jitensya
  • Tourist info, kankou annaijo


  • Can I order. Cyuumon shitemo iidesuka
  • What is it called? Nanto iimasuka

 Having Japan language app in your phone or tablet will be helpful too, download free from app store!

“I read; I travel; I become”― Derek Walcott

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