Kyoto Travel Diary

Kyoto, Oh Kyoto! Kyoto Perfecture in Kansai Region has it’s unique characteristics that every traveller would love, and definittely would love to come back. I came from the bustling city of Osaka and I enjoyed everything the city offers. But I have to bid goodbye to Osaka and say thank you for my first 3 days solo travel adventure (that was awesome).


One of many streets in Kyoto

I’m excited to use my 7-day JR Pass, I travelled by JR train from Shinimamiya Station to huge modern architecture Kyoto Station to Kiyomizu Goju Station for almost an hour.


Kyoto Station

I arrived in Kyoto Station past 12 noon, I’m so hungry. I want to eat sana in Kyoto Station, but it’s too huge and crowded, di ko keribells dahil bitbit ko ang luggage ko. So I decided to tranfer to another train going Kiyomizu Goju Station. Out from the station, hola… Ang tahimik, walang tao and everything is written in Japanese… (spell nosebleed, Japanese dictionary app, I need help!). And though the weather is cold, the sun is up and heated. Alam nyo naman, I don’t like sunlight, it triggers my migraine and migraine ruins my day. But I don’t have a choice, according sa map, I have to walk going to Santiago guesthouse, and it was a long walk, maybe because I’m tired, mainit and uncomfortable with my booties and leather jacket. Tiis ganda lang ang peg.


Tip: Outside Kyoto Station, purchase your bus ticket if you don’t have train pass and opt to commute by bus. Don’t forget to ask for Kyoto Maps, its free.


Tip: Bus Information Board is everywhere, know your bus number and bus stop before you leave.

Finally, I arrived in Santiago Guesthouse! Gusto ko sana ng japanese food, but I rather sit and relax muna in Santiago Cafe. The food is bad, not worth my Yen… 😦


Pasta Bolognese by Santiago Cafe


Enjoyed a cup of coffee while navigating Kyoto map

Another first! It’s my first time to stay in a shared-dormitory room type. So, I’m excited of how it would look like. The room is clean, the beddings are comfotable, pillow is soft,  I have an outlet to charge my gadgets, dim light and curtains in my bed for much needed privacy. But iba pa rin if I’m solo in a room. I have a personal space and I can do what I want. After lunch, I nap muna, so I can gain some energy for a night walk around.

My bed in a Female Dormitory Room at Santiago Guesthouse

My bed in a Female Dormitory Room at Santiago Guesthouse

I headed to the nearest tourist area Higashiyama District, which is right across the guesthouse. Perfect, I got to see Kiyomizudera  Temple, Kodaiji and Kenninji.





On my 2nd day in Kyoto, though I have planned my itinerary,  I still asked hostel staff for best places to visit, and as expected it would be temples, temples, temples. So I purchased one day Kyoto City Bus pass, #KyotoTempleRun begins!

Chocolates for  much needed energy

Chocolates for much needed energy

My preferred seat, so I can easily see the monitor for my next stop.

My preferred seat, so I can easily see the monitor for my next stop.

There are so many temples around Kyoto, so I decided to see only what is recommended to me. I scrapped off my planned itinerary, because one whole day is not enough.


Golden Pavillion




My favorite among all is the long walk in thousands of Tori gates in Fushimi Inari Shrine. The color is so pleasing and warmth to the eyes. This is located in Southern Kyoto, and I need another train ride to go here, glad that this is covered by my JR Pass.

Torii Gates in Fushimi Inari Shirne, Southern Kyoto

Torii Gates in Fushimi Inari Shirne, Southern Kyoto


While Kyoto boast on its temples, Kyoto gardens are also fantastic and so pleasing to the eyes. If I can just stare at this landscape all day, I will.



??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

While walking I drool over this souvenirs and sweets.



??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I also had lunch and spend some time around Kyoto Station and I’m glad I did before I go back to Santiago Guesthouse. Got to see this sky garden (parang SM Aura lang) and another tower.



Garden on top of Kyoto Station

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower

That’s a wrap of my 3 days and 2 nights of Kyoto and Kyoto Temple Run adventure!

“Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.” – Benjamin Disraeli

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