Japan Misadventures

My #SoloChicTraveler Japan trip has misadventures too! Not everything happened as planned, and those unplanned experiences are the most memorable one. If only I can just captured everything. So I want to share my misadventures in Japan too!

I get lost most of the time. But thank you for very nice and friendly Japanese people! You made getting lost less stressful…


Download Japan Map App. Get Map from the airport or from your hotel.

I don’t know how to operate things. Japan used efficient and practical technology and for someone who came from Philippines, these things is awesome for me! Ang lakas, maka-inosente… But don’t be shy, ask, ask the locals, they are too nice and patient to guide you and teaach you everything, even they can’t speak English.

Bike na may lock... I need to ask hostel staff how to unlock, yay!

Bike na may lock… I need to ask hostel staff how to unlock, yay!

Coin operated Parking

Coin operated Parking, which I thought, this machine is used to pay for bike rental. Nyay!


Coin Operated Washing Machine. I removed clothes of the person before me so I can use the washing machine, but unfortunately he arrived and saw me removing his clothes. I think he got offended.

Fail ang photo op! I asked a local to take a photo of me and this is what I got… Laughness overload after I saw this picture…


Photo Op fail!

And lastly, nalito ako sa train (dahil hindi na ko nagcheck sa hyperdia.com). Dahil on-time lahat sa Japan, bilang nalate ako ng 20 mins going to Shin-Yokohama, hindi ko na naabutan ang bullet train that I reserved, this bullet train is faster, becuase this train only stop in key cities. So I ended up, with a bullet train, which stops to all cities. Meaning, I have longer travel time to Osaka, to Kansai International Airport. At dahil diyan, naiwan ako ng plane going back to Manila.

Bullet Train To Osaka

Bullet Train To Osaka

In my itinerary blog,  you know that I have last big time misadventure! Hahaha. So Cebu Pac ground attendant, didn’t allow me to check-in late, and the plane left without me. 😦 So I ended up my Japan trip paying for JPY 47,000 for a one-way airfare going back to Philippines. I feel bad paying for this unnecessary expense, after not buying the bag that I want, after constantly reminding myself to stick to my food & activities budget, after I choose to stay in a hostel and skipped luxurious accommodation, after I have bread, cup noodles and sale kombini set food for breakfast, after so many days of weighing the pros and cons if I will get at JPY28000 JR Pass, after I skipped Universal Studios in Osaka and Disney Land and Disney Sea in Tokyo, after I skipped entering in Temples that has admission fees, after being practical and managing my travel budget, I end up spending this much. My knees got weak, I just sat down and take a deep breath… I almost cry…

But God reminded me, “Joy, I’m still in control. In good and bad times I’m still your good and faithful God. I love you, I have a purpose why I allow this to happen.”

Yes, it can be avoided, I can blame myself forever, but it happened already, I didn’t made it to my 840PM flight back to Manila. I called my mom & sis, and informed them what happened. My mother encouraged me, and say “It’s okay anak, importante safe ka, walang nangyari sa yo, pera lang yan, ibabalik din yan ni Lord, mas doble pa, wag kang manghinayang.” Medyo natauhan ako, so instead of fussing, I prayed and thank God, yes Nanay was right, after all it was just a flight missed flight, I’m safe for 10 days, enjoyed the beauty and creativity of Japan, met new people, discovered new things, appreciated and learned from Japan’s culture and way of life, tasted good food, discovered life lessons alone and experience God’s beauty, comfort, protection, shared adventure with my Creator, and feel how the Lord pursue me and woo me with all the beautiful things I saw in Japan. And my bucket list check: Travel Solo, Dress in Fashion in Tokyo and Ride a Bullet Train.

Spent the night alone , sleep at this bench at Kansai International Airport.

Spend the night alone , sleep at this bench at Kansai International Airport.

Oh finally, I'm going back to Manila

Oh finally, I’m going back to Manila

And God immediately honored my faith and blessed me!

After accepting that this happen and just charge it to experience, after completely trusting God, believing that He has a greater purpose why this happened, (though I don’t know it yet)…. Just today, God surprise me. HSBC called and offer a Foreign Currency Balance Conversion Plan (I honestly don’t know what that it means), they say that all my purchases in Japan trip, including my emergency airfare ticket, can be paid for 6 months, with a 0.45% interest monthly, that means, only P95 interest/month or only P570 total interest in 6 months, oh wow! God is amazing, I know it’s God doing something amazing! And not only that, they also offer to convert my JR Pass and some purchases, for only P203 interest/month. Isn’t God amazing?

Our Father in heaven, like our earthly father, is concerned even with little things about us, He knows that my extra money is meant for savings, and He don’t want me to get burdened so He will make it easier for me. I haven’t prayed for this, because I think that’s too much to ask from the Lord, but God is so sweet, even I don’t ask He answers my silent concerns. I’m such a spoiled daughter.

And our God is sweet, caring and generous Father. Truly in every situation, it is God pa din that will be honored and glorified.

2 thoughts on “Japan Misadventures

  1. Oh man, I can imagine how you must have felt when you missed your flight!! I would really have cried, not just almost cried! But you’re right, sa lahat ng malas na pwedeng mangyari, sa lahat ng possible problems, okay na yung missed flight at added expense. 🙂 And I can predict na, marami din siguro akong misadventures dun, especially kasi medyo tanga ako haha! Ask for help na lang talaga. I remember, sa Amsterdam, sa supermarket, nagtatanong talaga ako sa mga grocery shoppers, “Is this cooked?” — yung salami. Kasi di naman talaga ako sanay sa mga cold cuts dito sa Pilipinas hahaha! Di bale nang mukhang ignorante, basta hindi lang magka-diarrhea hihihi. Relate talaga ako sa post na ‘to haha!

    • True! May tanga moments inside of us, and those moments are the unforgettable ones! Ang sarap lang pagtwanan ang sarili! hahaha 🙂 Glad naka-relate ka, for sure you have your list din! hahaha, Thank you!

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