#TeamSanchez Goes to Camaya Coast


Finally, road tripping with my cousins was off my bucket list. Last summer (June 2014) #TeamSanchez goes to Camaya Coast, located in Mariveles, Bataan.  At sinong may pasimuno, syempre ako! 🙂 I love spending time with my cousins. Though we lived in the same place at Aser Sanchez Compound, we rarely spend time together growing up. Buti pa nung mga bata kame, when life is just simple, we all have same schedule in class, and in the afternoon after we do our homework we can play. And this is one of those rare times we can travel together.

We avail this one day tour pass cost P800, including lunch and free use of bike and kayak from Metrodeal. We rented a van from Binan, Laguna to Camaya Coast, P7,000/van including toll fees and fuel. You may contact Doy, (0925) 8686180, I highly recommend.


We enjoyed the beach. It’s high tide so we’re not able to try kayak.


Sinong mas creative, sinong bet nyo? Team Aser o Team Silang?


Team Aser


Team Silang



Frisbee in action!


Infinity pool!



Around Camaya Coast…

IMG_4205 IMG_4204 IMG_4185

 In spite of negative reviews from trip advisor, about the deal, we choose to go and thank God, we have a great time! Buffet lunch is overflowing, they served, fish fillet, pansit, grilled chicken, chopsuey, and fresh fruits.


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