Save JPY24,000 By Getting a JR Pass

The most expensive part of traveling in Japan is your transportation expense from one city to another. C’mon, they have very efficient train system, but I must say very expensive too! So, if you plan to travel to 2 or more cities in Japan during a 7 day trip, you may want to consider purchasing JR Pass. As most places in Japan are covered by JR trains. I actually spent 10 days, on my first 3 days, I used ICOCA & Haruka transporation card when I’m in Osaka (spent around JPY 5,000) initial cost is JPY 3,030 including Haruka express fare from Kansai Airport to Osaka, then I have to load JPY 2,000 more and on my 4th-10th day (Nara, Kyoto, Odawara, Gotemba, Tokyo, Yokohama), where I used JR Pass (JPY 28,300). Sa totoo lang, wala sa plan ang Odawara and Gotemba, bilang, dream ko makasakay ng bullet train, sinulit ko na lang ang JR pass, dahil pwedeng-pwede sya sa bullet trains, except from Nozomi, kaya ang saya ko lang, dream come true, unlimited bullet train ang peg ng ate nyo!


After breaking down transportation cost (computed in, my real tranportation expense is JPY 51,720 vs cost of JR Pass JPY 28,300, I’m still able to save JPY 23,420. So, I highly recommend purchasing JR pass if you have itinerary like mine. Besides, it’s very convenient to use, hassle free, you don’t have to regret any additional expenses that might occur when you get lost, or when you want to go somewhere else, and change your plans. You can be so carefree of where to go next, or just simply get off to every train station and see what’s happening in that area, walk and watch people, have your dinner and desert from one station to another (which what I did), without computing transportation cost.

Day 1  JPY PHP
Dobutsuenmae, Osaka (hotel) to Kiyomizu-Gojo, Kyoto (hotel) JPY     1,150          506.00
Kyoto Station to Fushimiinari (Inari Shrine) JPY         270          118.80
Day 2
Kyoto-Minamisenju Tokyo (Reserved Seat) JPY   13,910      6,120.40
Minami-Senju to Odawara (Mt Fuji & Odawara Castle) JPY     1,490          655.60
Odawara to Shinagawa (people watching) JPY     1,490          655.60
Shinagawa to Shinjuku (Tokyo Metropolitan Bldg) JPY         200            88.00
Shinjuku to Tokyo (window shopping) JPY         200            88.00
Tokyo to Minami-Senju (Hotel) JPY         330          145.20
Day 3
Minami-Senju to Gotemba (Mt Fuji, Gotemba Outlet) JPY     7,020      3,088.80
Gotemba to Minami-Senju (Hotel) JPY     7,020      3,088.80
Minami-Senju to Akihabara (electronic place) JPY         250          110.00
Akihabara to Ueno (Ueno Park & Dinner) JPY         140            61.60
Day 4
Minami-Senju to Ueno (then subway to Odaiba) JPY         160            70.40
Tokyo to Shibuya (subway from Odaiba to Tokyo) JPY         200            88.00
Shibuya to Harajuku JPY         140            61.60
Harajuku to Minami-Senju JPY         310          136.40
Minami-Senju to Minato Mirai JPY         900          396.00
Day 6
Shin-Yokohama to Minato Mirai JPY         900          396.00
Day 7
Shin-Yokohama to Kansai Airport JPY   15,640      6,881.60
 Total Cost JPY   51,720    22,756.80

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