So Pink at Hello Kitty Cafe

Since my sister and I are avid Hello Kitty fan since our elementary days, we’re both excited to experience Hello Kity Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul.

Hongdae-07 Hongdae-09

It is actually part of our itinerary, and good thing it is, because we got to spend few hours here, enjoying it’s super cute interior, everything pink, everywhere  is Hello Kitty.

Hongdae-17 Hongdae-20 Hongdae-21 Hongdae-22 Hongdae-23 Hongdae-24

Cakes, waffle, coffee, everything in the menu has a touch of Hello Kitty.


We ordered Hello Kitty Waffle and cheseecake.




The one who enjoyed the most is my favorite travel buddy, my one and only sister!


There’s nothing great about the food… But if you’re a Hello Kitty fan, this cafe is worth the visit. It’s a good place to spend some girl talk with my sissy! Little girls will surely enjoy this place. We did!

Not every girl is a Hello Kitty girl, but thos who are… are just happier. – Hello Kitty

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