Nara Travel Diary

Woke up with migraine :(

I woke up with a migraine on the day I set my mind traveling from Osaka to Nara (that was my 3rd day in Osaka). So, I did self head massage with the trusted Whiteflower (lol)… I slept for another few hours and push myself to go in spite of headache, tried to motivate myself and I’m convinced. That’s one thing I learned traveling solo, you often find yourself talking to self.

I left Hotel Mikado around 11AM, before I hop-on to the train going to Nara, I bought bread and coffee from Family Mart. Travel time tooks 30-40 minutes.


Again, I don’t know where to go… And my migraine is getting terrible. So I just walked and followed the crowd (this is one thing I’ve learned traveling in city you’ve never been before, follow the crowd and definitely you’ll get there). Since I don’t feel really feel well that time, I decided to I stop by for lunch. There’s a place in Nara where chain of restaurants are lined up. Sorry, I can’t remember the name of the place, but definitely you will passed by this place when you walked from train station to Nara Park.

DSC02348 IMG_2415 DSC02351

Finally, I saw roaming deers in the park, so I guess, I arrived the famous Nara Park from my research.


Deers at Nara Park


This two cherry blossoms tree catches my attention. Thanks to Australian solo traveler who took my photo.

Food for the deers are for sale so travelers can feed them

Food for the deers are for sale so travelers can feed them



Kofukuji Temple – Five Storied Pagoda


Kofukuji Temple


Peace Yo at Kofukuji Temple. Thank you to Indian tourist who took this photo.


Kofukuji – Hoku-endo Temple


Yakushiji Temple


Wooden Walls with Japanese Words


Prayers are written in these wooden pieces.

So I’m done with temples, I think there’s more temples around, but I’m okay… I preferred sitting down in the park, enjoyed the nature, watched kids feeding deers, listened podcast and worship songs from my iPad and observed families having picnic around the park, while munching my Calbee potato fries.


DSC02390 DSC02389 DSC02399 DSC02393 DSC02414 DSC02420  DSC02392

That’s a wrap of my half-day trip in Nara. It was a relaxing and easy one, I don’t look sick at the photos anyways! (sigh)


“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux

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