#BeDisciple #MakeDisciples


Victory Christian Fellowship has been radical for 30 years in the Philippines, yes the movement has been radical since 1984, when Pastor Steve Murrell, visited Manila for a mission trip. Since then, the mission of “Honoring God and Making Disciples” has been viral. Because of the radical love that Jesus has for man, Christians just can’t contain this love and grace from God, that we cannot stop sharing the goode news of the Gospel to those who haven’t heard it. #RadicalSince1984

I joined Victory Alabang in 2007, prior to this I grew up in Christian family. Growing up, I’m familiar with Sunday school, Daily Vacation Bible School during summer, youth camps, choir, prayer meetings, fellowships and more activities! Name it, I attended it! I used to attend almost all church activities and volunteered in ministries (ummm volunteered, or forced to do it). I’ve been active (that’s how Christians called it), I do all these stuff, because I thought, it is the only way to please God. I thought, God would love me even more when I perform inside the church, the more I spend time in church activities, the more I will please Him. Little did I know, that’s not how God loves me, Jesus loves me, because He loves me, period! We love, because He first loves you (1 John 4:19). Nothing I can do, that will make God love me more or less. My idea about God whom I serve is so shallow, my life as a Christian was exemplified only in the four corners of the church building. I look good in the eyes of the church. But inside I don’t know who God is, I never knew that I can honor and serve God, in everything I do. “Whether therefore you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31). I never had the courage, boldness and excitement to share Jesus, because I don’t have an encounter with Him yet, I don’t know that more than salvation, He is offering me a personal relationship with Him that brings LIFE and a LIFE TO THE FULL.

IMG_1450 I thank God for the people that leads me closer to God. I’m grateful for my Sunday School Teacher, Ate Marie Sanchez, she leads me and my classmates to prayer of salvation. I remember, praying and inviting Jesus to come into my heart and accepts the gift of salvation. I’m also grateful to our Pastor Romeo Limosinero, who taught me about water baptism, missions, tithing and quiet time. I thank God as well to my boss/mentor Dina Baltazar, whom I met in my first job. She leads me to Christ even more, she encouraged me, I will never forget godly-wisdom from this beautiful woman! A noble woman of God! It was 2007 when I joined Victory group, Cai Lacdan-Entereso was my first leader, I’m so blessed to be disciple and lead by this beautiful lady. It was intimidating at first, but she’s been so real and true. Though she’s a leader she doesn’t mind letting us see his flaws, because that’s how it is, even leaders are sinners and not perfect, leaders like any other are also became righteous because of righteousness from God. Eventually, discipleship leads to friendship, because discipleship is relationship. After years of being a disciple, Cai equipped us ladies, to disciple too! After completing Training for Victory, I felt that God is calling me to start, making disciple. After few months, I text and met some ladies, but that time only Zhel was really on fire and passionate to know God more, immediately started one2one with her. Then Aubrey, Pam, Andrea, was added in the group in the same year. Rarely the group was completed during meetings, usually, it’s just one or two of them, or worst no one… I almost feel like giving up, but every time I pray God will remind me why I was reaching out to these girls, to obey God, by making disciple, and love them, just as Christ loved me… It is not for me to feel good as a leader, it is never about me. I admit, leading others to Christ requires grace, it’s only God’s grace that can sustain us to continue in obedience. Leading is serving, it’s very humbling experience, we must serve to lead and lead to serve, Jesus set that example with His relationship with 12 disciples. I’m glad I didn’t stop, the group is growing, Angel & Jhoanna was added, and the ladies also started making disciples, sharing their faith to family and friends.


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