Boxing at Elorde Gym

Last August 2014, together with my sister and cousins, we tried boxing at Elorde Gym Alabang. I’ve been hearing about this boxing lessons down south, so I got curious. I have few friends who tried and enjoyed this form of exercise.


We availed Elorde Alabang August P99 promo to try boxing for the first time! Though we have to rent gloves and hand wraps for P200. Alright, let’s do this. Are you ready to ramble?


We had a great time. My trainor is nice and funny. He keeps me going and motivated to punch strong. Ang hirap. It’s not all about that punch, but even having the right punch at the right time sabay synchronizing the movement of your feet pa. Ang hirap. Balik na lang ako sa insanity 🙂


After our try out. I think boxing is not for me. I would rather spend an hour for insanity workout at home and burn the same number of calories. Anyways, boxing is tiring and fun, many men and women enjoyed this exercise and I salute them all! Kudos to everyone inspired by the Champ Pacman – Cong Manny Pacquiao!

Boxing is not for killing each other. – Manny Pacquiao


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