Lesson 3: Ways to Increase Your Cash Flow


1. Change your lifestyle, spend less
· Be willing to change your lifestyle, spend less more than your income.

2. Always be open-minded for other opportunities
· Look for opportunities for other sources of income
· Keep an open-mind, be open to all possibilities
· Get out of you comfort zone
· Try new things, explore, you’ll never know what can work for you if you are not willing to try.

3. Save as much as you can
· Spend less, save more and do it for a long time
· Have a steady plan of saving and investment
· It will takes discipline, time and hard-work
· Saving a part of what is earned, even small part, is one way to build true and lasting wealth
· Savings means setting aside money on a regular basis from every paycheck
· Just as some people make enough money to live comfortably, they want to live extravagantly

4. Maintain your lifestyle
· Increase income, maintain your spending
· If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting – Benjamin Franklin
· Start a business and start saving
· Accumulate and save regularly
· It’s not how much money you make but how much money you save

5. Have a long-term perspective
· Determine your financial goals (What you want to achieve?)
· Establishing investment goals will help you assess how much money you will need and how much you will need to invest to reach your goal.
· Also help you select appropriate investments

Here are some Typical investment goals and types of investments that can help you determine your goals and investment tool.

o Long-term goals 20-30 yrs (retirement, children’s education, growth investments): Stocks, Mutual Funds, Unit Investment Funds, equity funds)
o Medium-Term goals 5-10 years (house, car, wedding or dream vacation): bonds, mutual funds, unit investment fund, equity and balanced funds
o Short-term goals 1-5 years (reserves for emergencies): time deposits, money market and mutual funds, bond funds

Now, do You have Php10,000, know how to invest here. http://www.uitf.com.ph

Start investing now! “Always think long-term. The longer the terms, the better off it will be!”

Next Steps:

1. Develop investment plan to meet these goals
2. Diversify your investments

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Personal Finance:


Stocks & Stock Market:

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