Osaka & Nara Travel Diary

I was welcomed by 5-10C chilling end of winter season in Kansai, and this Hello Kity Kansai Pass Spring Edition Card.IMG_2248

I stayed in these clean affordable hostels in Osaka. First night at Hotel Chuo, since I decided to extend my stay in Osaka, Hotel Chuo is already fully booked and I have to stay for the next two nights at Hotel Mikado, which is just across Hotel Chuo. Both hostels are located just 1-2 minutes from Dobutsuenmae JR station.

Hotel Chuo (Single Room)

Hotel Chuo (Single Room)

I felt at home with courteous and polite locals. Japanese are really nice people, they show high-respect to others. They are the nicest people on earth that I’ve ever met in this lifetime. I asked them for directions and for good places to visit around the area, they are really polite and more than helpful to assist me! Lovely people!


I am captivated by cherry blossoms in full bloom at Osaka Mint Bureau.


I’m in awe with splendid structure of Osaka castle and garden.


IMG_2284 IMG_2318

I am delighted immensing myself with the noise and bright lights of Dotonbori and Namba.



I found it very calming, biking morning and night around Shinsekai. Bikes are free to used from Hotel Mikado.


IMG_2530 IMG_2521 IMG_2518 IMG_2517

Then, on a Sunday morning I explore another city within Kansai by train – Nara. And, my eyes open wide when I saw another Sakura trees.


I’m restful sitting alone while listening to one of Victory services podcast and singing and thanking God for my first 3 wonderful days. Singing “You captivate me beautiful Jesus, Your sacrifice reveals the Glory of Your love… You came as ransomed for my life, now I’m living this life for You. You captivate me!” This is my love song to Jesus, for this trip! Aaawww.


I don’t like animals that much, but I enjoyed watching tame deers roaming around Nara park. One deer successfully attempt to eat my potato fries. Yay!


I felt so happy watching families having a picnic in the garden and kids feeding and playing with deers. If all animals are just as friendly as Nara deers, I will take care not just one but hundreds of them!



Old wooden temples in Nara is also unique and beautiful in it’s own way.


By the way, I told myelf that, shopping will not be part of my trip, but on my first destination city, can’t help myself, ended up shopping at three floors H&M store in Namba.



Read from some bloggers who visited Japan that I can skip Osaka and spend more time in Kyoto instead, but I’m glad I didn’t! I have so much fun in Osaka. Spending 2-3 days here is worth it!

“Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness.” – Ray Bradbury

4 thoughts on “Osaka & Nara Travel Diary

  1. Hello did you travel alone? Can yo please give some example of your itineraries as well as the money u have in the bank when u apply for a visa. I am really dying to see jaoam. Thanks

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