StockSmarts 2015 Top Philippines Stocks

LastTopstocks December, Stockmarts held a seminar for the Top 10 Stocks in 2015! Mark and I attended the seminar, together with other Pinoy investors. I personally learned a lot from Marvin Germo and Ren Agawa. Somehow, I can relate what kind of investor I am. Marvin is a trader, he recommends stocks that are high-risk, with equal mix portfolio of blue chips and newly listed companies. While Ren Agawa is a fund manager (a calculative and conservative one according to Marvin), the stocks he recommended are mostly blue chips companies. What I like most about the seminar is that they share how 2014 top 10 performed. Some outperformed and some under-performed, but if you invest all 10 equally and get the average, you still get an estimate of 30%+ ROI, not bad right? 2014 data is good, but in stock market, past is past (parang relasyon lang), it’s already a history and you cannot get return from it anymore. What really matters is NOW, and the days ahead. To my dear (investor) readers, here’s something for you from the stock market experts. Like what they said, they cannot guarantee ROI for all these stocks, you know the volatility of the market, it goes up and down, no one cannot predict! But studying and analyzing fundamentals & technical as well as knowing the future pipelines of these companies in 2015, Marvin & Ren come up with their Top 10 stocks on 2015:

Ren’s Top 10 (Stock Code + Target Price)

  1. TEL (3,295) service
  2. GLO (1,813) service
  3. AC  (785) holding
  4. ALI (40.5) property
  5. MEG (5.82) property
  6. SMPH (19.80) property
  7. BDO (121) bank
  8. MBT (112) bank
  9. MER (312) industrial
  10. PCOR (9.83) industrial

Important reminders from Ren:

  • Our country is banking on GOOD FUNDAMENTALS; But the REALITIES beyond our borders
    should NEVER BE IGNORED;
  • For 2015, it is good to be OVERWEIGHT rather than be passive;
  • Never forget to REACT on the SITUATION at hand.
  • Always be particular of WINDOW DRESSING points and the GHOST MONTH.

Marvin’s Top 10

  1. SSI, Niche & high-end brands
  2. AGI, buy until 27.5
  3. RRHI, buy around 67
  4. LRI, buy until 97
  5. AP, buy until 55.5
  6. MEG, buy near 4.6
  7. MER, buy until 267
  8. GLO, buy until 1,728
  9. TEL, buy until 2992
  10. CIC

Conditions for 2015 Picks:

  • Market is Expensive 20x 
  • Growth may not be as high
  • Possibility of correction
  • OFW remittances continues to grow. More remittances more spending.
  • The BPO sector also continues to grow. People in this sector upgrade their lifestyle frequently compared to  any other sector.
  • Consumption is more insulated to external shocks than other industries that we have.
  • Lower gas rates will make consumption even stronger.
  • Consumption Stocks Or stocks related to consumption.
  • Low Beta Stocks
  • Stocks that are far its year high.
  • Stocks that are still in their downtrends.
  • Stocks that are still cheap. 
  • Conglomerates
  • Return on Equity
Mark and I with Marvin Germo

Mark and I with Marvin Germo

My take on 2015 Top 10: I like the balance portfolio mix of holding, service, property, bank & industrial, of Ren, though consumer sector is missing in the list. Oh Well based on his explanation, investing in SMPH, TEL, GLO is like investing in a consumer sector (I agree, Pinoys regularly spend on mall products & services and communication ). I think His recommendation is low-risk compare to Marvin as most of Ren’s pick are blue chip stocks, has stable performance and consumer driven. While Marvin picks, is more for traders, those who are willing to take high-risk on their investment and those who have time to monitor and study the market trends. But since Marvin is a reputable trader and analysis, we can’t just ignore his recommendation. I highly consider Ren’s & Marvin’s recommendation, but I also do my own research comparing this data with COL, MSCI, BPI and BDO picks.

How about you? What’s your portfolio for 2015?

Do not put all eggs in one basket. – Warren Buffet


4 thoughts on “StockSmarts 2015 Top Philippines Stocks

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  2. mam jenice, maraming salamat po sa pag share po ninyo ng mga top stock picks para sa 2015 galing ng stocksmarts. sna marami pa po kayong matulungan ibang mga investors kung ano bibilhin nila stocks. meron din po b kayong SAM stocks? naguumpisa palang po akong maginvest at nagbabasa basa sa mga forum at lagi nilang binabanggit yung SAM stocks ng TRC. nabasa ko din po sa mga unang post nyo nung August 2014 about investment sbi nyo po.
    “You can check the Buy Below Prices of our SAM stocks in our next Stocks Update eReport that will be sent to you if you subscribe. I will post monthly in my blog site the SAM stocks update. I just want to share this information for free to all my readers.”
    Kung ok lang po pwede po b post nyo po yung latest SAM stock? kung hindi nmn po kung ok lang po pasend nlang po sa email ko. Maraming maraming salamat po.

    • You’re welcome Carlos. Apologies, but late last year I cancelled my subscription in TRC, kaya I don’t have info on SAM stocks na. I change my strategy kase and realized that the information I’m paying to TRC, can be extracted from COLing the Shots, I just need to do my own technical assumptions. I hope you understand.

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