Tips for Solo Chic Travel

IMG_3474Ladies, solo travel is so much fun. If strong, fierce, independent ang motto mo sa buhay, you have to do this once in your life before you settle down. It’s an exciting and liberating experience. Going solo in a place you’ve never been before, you just not discover who you are but you get to discover what you can do, your potentials, your strength that lies inside of you. It’s also the best time to experience God, it’s literally “a total dependence on God”. But before you go solo you have to pray and  plan, you have to balance adventure and your safety! Here are my 10 tips to consider if you want to try tavelling solo.

  1. Decide. You need to decide if your really want and can travel solo and decide where do you want to go. Then book a flight and accommodation! I booked my solo travel flight & accommodation 6 months ahead, but then I s
    till have hesitations. But I decide and told myself “Push mo na yan teh!”
  2. Research. You’re solo, so you really need to know hundreds of information about city/country that you wanted to visit. Don’t put yourself at risk go to countries that are safe for solo travel, as for me I can travel solo in Singapore, Hongkong, South Korea or Japan, for 20 more countries you can check Travel + Leisure article Best Countries for Solo Travel and for female solo travelers check out Escape Here Top 10. Safety, weather, culture, language, currency, ATM availability, transportation, and of course must see places to visit, must eat foodies, must try activities and more to make your solo travel adventure memorable. Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet and personal travel blogs helped me a lot in my planning.DSC02365
  3. Start Slow. My 10 days solo travel in Japan is not my first time to go solo. I mean, it’s my first personal long solo travel, but I have  prior solo business travels before this. I’ve been traveling for work around Philippines. Take flight alone in Singapore, Thailand & Indonesia. Before my Japan trip, I warm up! I tried watching movie alone in Surabaya, get around Hongkong alone for a day and walk around Orchard Road and Harbourfront during business trips in Singapore. I assess myself if I can survive! Ang arte lang! lol.
  4. Budget. If you’re travelling on a budget like me, you have to set a budget before your trip and follow it. Bring just enough money with you. Set budget for your transportation within the city, accommodation, food, shopping and miscellaneous expenses. Spend in cash instead of credit cards so you can easily monitor if you’re still within the budget.
  5. Navigate. Learn to navigate maps. Download travel apps and learn city’s transportation system. As for me, since deprive ako sa train sa Pilipinas, I prefer travelling by train. And of course, if in doubt, ask locals for directions.
  6. Stay in Hostels. During my solo travel in Japan, I stayed in hostels. I just didn’t save a lot but its a wonderful new experience. I met other wonderful solo travelers of different age and race. I had conversations with them, sharing some travel tips and experiences in the city and countries they’ve been too!DSC02572
  7. Blend with the crowd. Do what locals do. Eat where locals eat. Wear what locals wear. Follow where most of the people go.Talk to strangers and make friends with locals and fellow travelers. It was really fun and exciting, to get out of your comfort zone and do something unconventional. As for me, I decided to do something good to someone in a day, this is my way to pay forward all the kindness from strangers I met throughout the journey. Whether to give food to beggars, or volunteer to take photos or assist fellow travelers with directions (naks!) or pray for city.
  8. Mix and match clothes. Bring enough clothes and comfortable footwear, then mix and match. Ladies, don’t forget to bring 2 or more shawl. It’s light and a perfect way to style your limited outfits! Check out my post Japan’s #ootd
  9. Bring Medicine. One of the downside traveling alone is you have to take care of yourself when you don’t feel well, so aside to stay strong and independent, be sure to bring medicines. As for me I usually bring meds for migraine, flu, tonsillitis and LBM. During my solo trip I experience having itchy rashes caused by super tight leggings I bought from Kyoto, that’s totally unexpected. Thank God and thank you for google, I found an immediate relief!
  10. Pray. I can’t survive without prayer. Believe me, I’m praying almost most of the time. I’m praying when I get lost, when I arrived in my destination, when I got migraine and rashes and when I didn’t make it to my flight going back to Manila. I thank God when I was able to booked a flight going back to Manila (though ang mahal) I thank God  when I saw Cherry Blossoms, Mt Fuji and when I cross Shibuya! I talk to God whenever He captivates me with the beautiful things I see, and helped by good people I met during my 10 days solo journey. I didn’t feel I’m solo, because God is with me! He is my ultimate travel companion!

fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. – Isaiah 41:10

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