#MyFashionStaple: Plain White Shirt

0214TC_front_White_HR1At 30, I discovered my own personal style. I noticed how comfortable I am wearing few basic clothes found in my closet. And even when I shop, I still caught up buying the same fabric, style and color. Thank God for Pinterest! It’s my source of fashion inspiration. The trick is to just mix and match. I’m not a fashion model, nor a fashion blogger, just a wannabe! (chos!) I’m one of those ladies, who loves clothes and feel at my best, happier and prettier when I have new clothes, just like Nanay, Jell and my friends. For my first installment on  #MyFashionStapleSeries is plain white shirt, it’s so comfortable and can easily match with anything, plus it’s cheap. I can play with it, and spice up that plain white shirt with a blazer, nice bag, or your favorite jeans. Perfect na perfect din if you’re travelling light. Hindi mapapansin sa picture na paulit-ulit lang ang top mo, hehehe.

Pair your plain white shirt + blazer, so perfect for a business casual office attire, out of the office meetings or while on the go during business travels.

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For a laid-back weekend, pair it with your skinny jeans or ripped jeans.

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Cover your plain white shirt + printed shawl or kimono. Ang classy!

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Perfect this summer. Wear your plain white shirt + shorts-shorts. Elegant pa din, hindi bastusin ang peg.

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Or if feel mo magpa-girl ng bonggang-bongga, pair your shirt + maxi skirt.

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Pwede din pang-office attire, if business casual is okay with your company dress code policy. Pasok na pasok ang plain white shirt + pencil skirt.

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Ang bet ko na plain V-neck white shirt is from Forever 21 Basics (around P300), it’s pure cotton, yun lang medyo manipis, and mababa ang neckline. So if medyo conservative ka, you can try Hanes (around P250), mas bet ko ang Hanes, medyo makapal ang tela, at hindi sya lumuluwag after labhan. Perfect sya so far. You can check for Hanes at any department stores in Philippines. I also got one from Zara, okay din sya, medyo manipis and maluwag, since round neck sya, kering keri! Ikaw keri mo ba?


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