#MyFashionStaple: Skinny Jeans

downloadHere’s my another fashion staple – Skinny Jeans. Bago pa man mauso ang skinny jeans, mas bet ko talaga ang flare and boot cut denim jeans. Medyo matagal din bago ako maka-let go sa flare and boot cut. Di ako maka-move on from my college days style and pasyon! SIguro after 2 years pa, yung tipong ako na lang ang nakasuot ng flare at boot cut sa Pilipinas. At nung nagka-skinny jeans naman ako, aba peg na peg! As in favorite ko na sya. Pinagbawal ko na sa closet pag hindi skinny! My first skinny jeans is from Mango for aroun P1,200, then dumating si Forever 21 sa Makati, and they sell skinny Jeans for P495. Kaya syempre naman, since super cheap, I bought all the colors!

Here are some of my skinny jeans pegs from Pinterest – nailed it like these ladies!

Skinny Jeans + Blazer – corporate ang peg! Mala-royalty ang dating, like Princess Kate!

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Skinny Jeans + Jacket – mapa-knit or cotton jacket, this never goes out of style. Winner during sweater weather!

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Skinny Jeans + Loose Top + Accessories (Fedora hat, ladies bag or sunnies), kabogera, fashion na fashion! 

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Skinny Jeans + Shawl – pasok na pasok pang spring or autumn outfit. I love it!

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“Elegance is a statement, an attitude. Elegant women are women of character with confidence/” – Elie Saab

Ang bongga naman talaga ang fit ng skinny jeans, pero ingat lang ladies. Super skinny jeans can cause skin irritation. So wag masyadong tight and skinny ang jeans, or wag naman natin araw-arawin. I experience this when I was in Japan, kase 10 days akong naka-skinny jeans, my legs legs become red, irritated and bumpy na parang little pimples. So if ever this happen to you, do this:

When you move in your jeans, the jeans fabric has friction with our skin. This friction causes irritation in the tighter parts. In hot weather or when we have physical activity, we sweat more that worsens the problem and may cause folliculitis or other rash, bumps and pimples on your skin.

When you have this problem, don’t wear those jeans for couple of days. You can also use warm water compress on top of the folliculitis few times a day for few days. In addition, if you apply over the counter skin antibiotics, it resolves the issue faster. Also it’s better to apply moisturizer on your skin before wearing your jeans. If the problem persists after couple of days, you may want to see your doctor. – Source: http://www.positivemed.com

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