Yokohama Travel Diary

It’s been almost a year, and I’m still blogging about my Japan SoloChic Travel Diaries. Pardon me for that, my experience and joy in this trip is really overflowing. Okay fine, final na to! My last destination in Japan is Yokohama, a laid-back awesome city. You should at least spend a day in Yokohama, sulit na din dahil it’s just an hour away from Tokyo.


I spent 2 days and 2 nights in Yokohama, I met my friend Rose on a Friday night, she’s working in Queen’s Square. We meet up  in Sakuragicho JR Station, it was raining that night. I arrived at Sakuragicho around 9pm, grabe super lamig.


A weekend well-spent with this lovely lady. Thank God for a very good weather. It’s sunny! Yey! We headed to Yamashita Park and spend tranquil, Black Saturday morning here. We enjoyed mala-fashion blogger pictorial at Yamashita Park. Daming view bet na bet!

IMG_3413 IMG_3423 IMG_3441

Ang bongga talaga ni God that He bless us with not so black Saturday on a Holy Week, dahil it’s a colorful Saturday here at Yokohama, daming flowers dahil may flower competition on that day, parang Panagbenga Festival lang ng Baguio, minus the float, since yung designs nila are just displayed around the park.

IMG_3594 IMG_3588 IMG_3585 IMG_3559 IMG_3552

Sobrang ganda ng flowers sa Japan every Spring. But no picking of flowers! Yay! Ang galing talaga ng creation ni God, sink-in na talaga sa akin how majestic God is! His creation reflects His beauty.


Possessed na naman ako ng fashion bloggers dito!

IMG_3583 IMG_3519

Haba ng hair pose (charot!) at Yokohama Port. Hahaha.


Konting lakad pa, we passed by Red Brick and World Porters. Ganda ng architecture. Winner din ang design ng floor!

IMG_3605 IMG_3601

Medyo nagutom na, so we tried Shawarma from this food truck. This Turkish guy is super friendly at madaldal. He even knows that we’re Filipina. Feeling close na agad. And picture picture din for another stranger who made my solo travel not really solo!


Meron na namang event, so gorabells kame and inquire. Since libre, we spend some time learning in this printing exhibit and we have a great time din naman.


Then we went to Cup Noodles Museum. Here you’ll see history of Nissin cup noodles and how it evolved through time. Interesting din to see, various kinds and flavors of cup noodles in different country.



Bongga ang “Lucky Me Pancit Canton” from the Philippines


Excited to design my first ever cup noodles


Rosey, choosing flavors for her cup noodles


Taraaaaan! Presenting my Japan Travel Experience Inspired Cup Noodles

After cup noodles experience, lakad pa more to Yokohama Landmark Tower.


Until marating namin ang Yokohama Stadium for the Tulips Festival. And true enough, Tulips are in full bloom. Ang saya ko lang talaga. I’m really amazed on the beauty and variety of these Tulips. First time to see ng ganitong kadami kaya super overwhelmed ako. Yay, thank you Lord for these beauties. More tulips photo in my post, Tulips on Spring.


And for our last stop, we headed to Kannai. Bongga din dito, pang pamilya 🙂 Maraming free steet performers, magicians, comedians, nakakaaliw.


And finally, lafang time! Super late lunch at Kannai.


I’m going home the next day, so time to shop for pasalubong. Of course san pa ba mura, sa Daiso. Favorite ko from here are passport holder, Mickey Mouse pouch, Hand Cream and Hello Kitty stuff.


And all these Japanese chocolates are something to rave about! Dark chocolates are my favorite, Dars and Ghana! Aaawww!


The next day, my last day in Japan, I attended a worship service in Yokohama Grace Bible Church, it’s another new experience for me, to sing and worship in different language (syempre Nihongo), tapos different nationalities din ang mga kasama mo, iba ang feeling, I felt that God really is God of all nations.It was a blessed Sunday, a great way to capped of my trip in Japan! Worshiping and thanking God for a wonderful experience, for seeing more of His marvelous creation and for meeting beautiful people in Japan.


I met a lot of Filipinos and Japanese in the church din.


Tapos, two pastors are preaching, one preaching in Japanese and another one translating the message in English

So ayan, “The End” na talaga to! Hope you enjoyed my Japan travel posts! You must wander and get lost in this country, a beautiful way to be lost!

“This heart of mine was made to travel the world.” – Unknown

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