10 Money Decisions I’ve Done Right In My 20’s

Last week, I blog about 10 Money Mistakes I made in my 20s. To be fair din naman on my 20 something self, I think I also made some right money decisions. And this I also want to share, here’s my list:


  1. I set a budget. Since I started working, (where my first paycheck is P7,000/month) I already set budget plan. And I never stop, budgeting even though my salary increases year-on-year.
  2. Setting long-term financial goals. Thank God for the dreams He place in my heart. That dreams become “Faith Goals” it seems impossible to achieve, but God gave my desires of my heart.
  3. Tithe based on gross income. In my mid-20s, I discover the truth that God is the owner, provider, of everything on earth. How can I not trust the Lord with only 10% of my income, the Lord who owns everything.
  4. Give generously to my family. When my father passed away, I embraced the responsibility for being the breadwinner of our family. I never thought of being madamot sa nanay ko at kapatid ko. I put their need first before mine, and God honors my generosity by blessing me more than what I need.
  5. Avoid borrowing from money & friends. I learned this from my Tatay (father), I just don’t like the feeling of being a burden to someone, so I work hard enough, be wise on my spending, save, so I won’t bother family & friends, because of me, being financially irresponsible.
  6. Invest on myself. In my mid-20s, I got interested reading books, blogs, attend training to improve myself and pursue further studies.
  7. Pay debts. Thank God in my 20s, I realized how debts can make your life miserable! Before I leave 30,I’m debt free!
  8. I purchase a brand new car. They say that car is not an asset but a liability. Yes, I agree. But for me, driving my own car is dream come true. Besides, I was able to share the ride with my family & friends. The comfort, safety and memories I have driving and going places with “JJ” is such a joy that money can’t buy!
  9. Splurge on travel and travel smart. I sacrifice day-to-day splurge to save on travel. I value experience, traveling makes me feel so alive! In the same way, I travel smart. I only buy airfares on sale in budget airlines, I don’t stay in five star hotels, I eat in hawkers area, my itinerary is always DIY (more exciting and fulfilling), I set travel budget and stick to it.
  10. I didn’t spend money on gadgets. Believe me, I never buy laptop, mobile phones, when I started working. The last time I bought a mobile phone is when I was in college, a Nokia 6210. Then I only have my phone free from P350 postpaid line, company provided phones and laptops.

That’s my list, how about you? What are money decisions you learned early in life?

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