16 Days Engaged

Matthew633It’s been 16 days since Mark & I got engaged. And still we’re both excited and overwhelmed. I have frequent migraine attacks, and couple of days that I can’t sleep, daydreaming, my Pinterest secret board is so busy, been reading wedding blogs, downloading wedding apps, while Mark has dreamed of our wedding several times (Good thing, it’s a happy though and not a nightmare!) planning the logistics and fixing our schedules. 

Mark & I were excited because one of our greatest dreams is just few kembots away! Adding to that overwhelming emotions are family and friends rejoicing with us (some even more excited), as we enter into this new season. We’re also overwhelmed with so many things to do before and after the wedding. We have six months to prepare. We have six months to pull-off all things together, with minimal interruption with current activities, responsibilities at work, family, ministry & friends. Last Tuesday, as we talked, I told Mark that I’m so tired and apparently this workaholic man ay napapagod din pala! At that point, we both realized, we’re tired because we’re so consumed of wedding planning and sourcing, that we forgot to pray together. We felt like I am Wonderwoman and he is Superman, that we can do everything with our planning skills & resources. We forgot to ask for God’s grace and be dependent on the Lord alone. At that moment we surrender everything to the Lord, we prayed together and seek Him and believe that if we seek and pursue Him first, all these things will pursue us. Though we have plans, we will still be dependent on Him to make this happen. The Bible says in Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” I believe God gave me Mark when I started seeking Him first, and today it’s a very good reminder, for both of us to seek Him first as Mark & I prepare for marriage, if we do, all these things – dream wedding, dream honeymoon, dream house and family will be given unto us.

Photo credits: www.etsy.com

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