6 Months Engagement Checklist

6 month engagementThis post from Borrowed and Blue Events has been very useful in drawing our wedding timeline. There are thousands of wedding timelines information online, but as for me. This checklist is simple, complete, well structured and just perfect for our six months engagement.

This one I like! And it works for me and my finance because we both plan ahead and strictly follow schedules. Every week, we find time to  aligned our daily/weekly calendar schedule and updates status based on this checklist. Though, we don’t strictly follow (as in month-on-month), but this list somehow gave Mark & I an idea on what to prioritize first, para naman di kame sabog.To date, we’re on our first month,  but we already accomplished some task that is due on 2nd & 3rd month (Eh di wow!). Meaning, you can do the same, you can work at your own pace, depends on your availability, suppliers availability etc. For soon to be married couples, this can help you too!

So here’s the 6 Months Engagement Checklist:

6 months before b5 months before b4 months before b3 months before b2 months before b1 month before a2 weeks before a1 week before aon your wedding day

Borrowed and Blue Events has also a checklist for 12 months, 5 months, 3 months engagement. Check this post, “Wedding Planning Checklists.”

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