Blog Reader’s Inspiration: Amber from Doha & Sally from Manila

emailMy blog readers never fails to encourage and inspire me to blog. As I said, I blog because I enjoy doing it, and I also want to share my journey and all the things I learned and experienced in this life to anyone who is open to humbly learn from others. Today, I want to thank these two ladies who recently inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing through!
The first lady is Amber, a Filipina engineer working in Doha. And the second lady, is Miss Sally, she’s my fiance’s colleague in JGC.
And there you go:
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 1:39 PM

hi! i am amber currently residingh here in Doha.
I thank God for giving you the passion to write and share your journey. was really enjoying reading all your blogs. And in glad that we share the same faith thats why iblove your principles too! Keep it up!

Like you i was a newbie investor through COL financial and i start up with their COL Financial Plus. Im not into trAding, mine is for long term investment as what Bo Sanchez always metioned in his articles. I already bought shares to MPI, SMPH, DNL and AP.Plan to invest here over the years.
as you may have the experience earlier than me, can you share me important points to remember as a newbie? i mean i read a lot of blogs articles research on stock market but i do believe it will be more effective to ask someone whos alreAdy on the same field.

i just cant take and attend seminars about stocks because of my work assignment otsude Ph. I would really appreciate your thoughts and notes Jen! Looking forward to it!

God bless you always! May younalways find joy in everything you do.

-Amber ^_^

Date: 20.04.2015 16:18
Subject: Re: BLOG
Hi Mark,
…at dahil sumasakit ang ulo ko sa pagbasa at pag-review ng proposal ko for glaxo smith-kline,
i decided to take a break and visit again your fiance’s blog.
wow, good choice…it was very nice to read her thoughts through her blogs =)
entertaining and i learned too..somehow i can relate…kindly tell her that i admire her financial wisdom and techniques…keep it up…
and continue serving as an inspiration…you are one lucky guy!



Again, Thank you so much Miss Sally and Miss Amber for kind words and encouragement! God bless you more.

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