C2 Cuisine at The Wharf

C2 Cuisine is located at The Wharf at Lakefront Muntinlupa.Na-curious ako to try since this place was featured in Boys Ride Out. But after my first, there’s nothing to rave about! Though Mark & I enjoyed how they creatively name their dishes! Laugh trip lang. The food only looks good on the menu, except for Ginataang Tilapia, it’s a must try!

C2 Cuisine Menu

012015- 145

Sumpia, usual spring roll, with pansit malabon (P220)

012015- 146

Bulanglang (P250)

012015- 153

We both enjoyed Ginataang Tilapia (P250)

012015- 147

Chicharon Rice, Regular (P120) Okay, it’s just plain rice topped with chicharon 😦

012015- 148

Because the name sounds intriguing for me, I ordered very sweet Guinumis (P120)

012015- 155

Mark enjoyed his Kapeng Barako

012015- 151

Dume-date! Ayieeee!

012015- 143

Ambiance is just right. But if you don’t want crowded restaurant. This is the place to be!

Overall, if you’re living in the South you can give this place a try. 🙂

“A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement” ― Jess C. Scott

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