My First Bridal Shower With My Girlfriends

It’s supposed to be a surprised, pero bilang panira talaga ko sa surprise, it didn’t happened as planned… My friend Sean, keeps inviting me for dinner before my flight to US and I said no talaga… I’m really busy the past few days… I’m adjusting at work and preparing for our wedding. Lalo na when Sean’s reason lang that he had to push this August, dahil ang male stripper ay August lang available, sobrang naloka ko, kaya NO talaga, wala kong paki, hahaha. Ayoko naman din ng may stripper, unless it’s Channing Tatum (chos lang love) lol.



Thank you for the gifts and my white vanilla cake! Love it 🙂


Last week of August, my high school best friend Angelica, called me up, confirming my flight to California. I told her, I wanted to visit her in Chicago. And dun nya na sinabi na uuwi sya, and she’s planning to see me before I leave to US. (Natakot siya, baka mag-book ako ng flight at wala sila dun). Yun pala ang surprise, sya pala ang secret fe(male) stripper. Anyways, I’m so grateful to my high school friends, my Girlfriends na laging present Pheng & Sean, and my bessy Angel who organized my first bridal shower dinner at Early Bird Breakfast Club in Solenad 3.


High-school friends meets my fiance Mark

Closed na ang Solenad, so tuloy lang ang chikaha at Starbucks Shell Slex.20150828_233721


Cheers to 19 years of friendship! Thank you so much and I love you Angel, Sean and Pheng.

Long friendships are like jewels, polished overtime to become beautiful and enduring.

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