{M+J} Wedding Color Palette “Dusty Blue + Nude”

For our wedding color palette, Mark let me choose the colors. And I chose Dusty Blue and Nude got my inspiration from Elegant Wedding Invites article “10 trending nude- wedding color ideas for your big day.”

We encourage our guests to wear any from these colors. But if you don’t have one, any dressy casual attire will do. 🙂

{M+J} Wedding Palette “Dusty Blue + Nude”

Thanks, see you on 10.15.15.


10 thoughts on “{M+J} Wedding Color Palette “Dusty Blue + Nude”

  1. Congratulations on your wedding! I hope you won’t mind, but could you tell us where you get “dusty blue” garments that you use for entourage? We are also looking for suppliers with the same motif as yours. Thank you so much in advance.

      • Thank you so much for the swift response. If it’s okay I’d like to have the contact information of Billy dela Torre, I’d like to inquire to him directly. Keep writing on your blog, it really helps us who are outside Philippines. God bless!

      • Thanks, I did check but I can’t find his FB link on the post you provided. Just a question though, did they use a two layer chiffon fabric (underneath layer is lightgray, and the overlay is something light bluish color), to create the “dusty blue” effect? This was the proposal of our couturier, since dusty blue fabric is not available as a standard swatch from her fabric. It is hard for us to confirm since we are all doing this online, but I hope you could shed us some light. Thank you again.

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