2015 A Year of Overwhelming Changes & Breakthroughs

2015-minimalist_23-2147500321For the past 5 years, I’ve been starting my year with a life theme. This is my way of declaring and believing God for the year to come. This also served as a reminder of God’s promises to me. To name a few here are my past life theme hashtags-  #Unlimited2012 #OutofMyComfortZone2013 #ExtraOrdinary2014 and last year, I believed God for an exciting and amazing year, and the Lord has been faithful to me, indeed it was an #ExcitingAmazing2015.


2015 is a year of life breakthroughs and changes, I’m grateful to God that He has given me strength and courage to face and overcome major life changes along with every blessings and breakthroughs He has poured out on me. At first, I have fears and hesitations. At times I doubt if I’m ready for all these, but God will always impressed in my heart my life verse Joshua 1:9,  “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” And hola… all my fears  will just slowly fade away and suddenly replaced by faith in our able and generous God.

From “single” to “married”

It was a one year and three months love story for Mark & I…. 5 months of courtship, 3 months of dating, 7 months of engagement… end of 2016 three months married. Every day is an exciting day and I’m looking forward for more days, weeks, months, years with him.

From “daughter” to “wife”

Gone are the days when I just need to wake up, eat my breakfast, and bring my packed-lunch prepared by my mother and leave. When I got married, it’s my desire to serve my husband. Meaning, I have to wake up earlier than usual. But we both realized it’s not easy… But together, we’re adjusting, taking turns and learning together.

From “family home” to “apartment”

I spent all my life in our family home in Sanchez compound, though we rented a house in the same town, it’s not easy for me to transfer in new place, sleeping and not sharing room with my younger sister and having breakfast with my mother, I terribly missed those moments. I’m not saying, not enjoying evenings and mornings with my husband, I do, of course.

From “agriculture” to “analog”

Career industry shift also took place this year. I spent past 8 years of my career in agriculture industry, I had a fulfilling role in Monsanto and Syngenta, I enjoyed my work there and gain few good friends. This year opened a door of opportunity to work as Section Manager of Demand Planning Team for Maxim Integrated. Products from seeds to microchips and customers from farmers to big IT companies. It was a good shift though, technology business in pretty interesting.

From “city” to “province”

I’ve been working for 14 years, shifting from one company to another. My workplace has always been in the city, I worked in Pasay, Makati, Alabang and Mc Kinley, and this year, my workplace is located in General Trias Cavite, 36.5 km away from South Metro Manila. No more express ways, city traffic jam (but may traffic pa din), shopping malls, decent restaurants and fancy cafes. Hello cafeteria, fast food chains and Café Amadeo! Anyways, it’s also a good thing, I got to save a lot!

All these changes in 2015 takes place because it’s God’s will for me, and it should really happen, for me to have an exciting and amazing year!

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,whose trust is the Lord.” Jeremiah 17:7

2 thoughts on “2015 A Year of Overwhelming Changes & Breakthroughs

  1. Mars, now lang I read some of your blog posts. Same here! 2015 brought some exciting changes for me! Cheers to our 2016! Each year just gets better 😉

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