#YouBlogYou (Series 3 of 3)

You Blog You
  1. How do you classify your blog? In what category does it fall in?

It’s a personal blog, since I blog about my life and my passion. It can fall under travel, personal finance, lifestyle and category.

2. What is the title of your blog? Share with us too what’s the story behind it.

My Journey His Glory. I love God and I commit to live a life that will bring glory to Him. So my journey, my life experiences, everything I hope I can live for to honor Him.

3. How did you come up with the design of your blog?

I want a clean template and as I browse from wordpress, they have a free template that suits my preference.

4. Where did you purchase your domain?

I also got my domain from WordPress.

5. Where do you host your blog?

Also from WordPress

6. How often do you check your blog statistics?


7. Do you think having a good and fast-loading template affects the traffic of your site?

Of course!

8. Do you use other sites, software or apps to schedule and posts your blogs?

Yes, I use WordPress App for desktop and Android

9. How do you think you earn blog post comments or blog shares?

Just express yourself in every post, be real! Always share something that would be helpful to your readers.

10. Aside from activities mentioned above, what other efforts can help increase blog statistics?

Sharing your post in social media (facebook, Instagram, twitter), posting comment in other blogs, websites, forums will definitely help increase your stat.

11. Check your blog statistics and tell us either what you think helped you attain the number of views or what do you think you could have done to increase it?

I think I can increase my blog statistics if I could have publish regularly, let’s say twice a week or weekly.

#YouBlogYou is a blog series created by Louise http://www.louisechelleblog.com. The 11 questions are created for bloggers to express themselves more in this world of blogging!

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