And so the New Year Begun…

We’re already at 42nd day of 2016! January was over, and it seems that so many things happened, I feel like a quarter has already passed.

This year my our life theme is #Victorious2016, my husband and I is believing for victories over battles this year. Just like Moses, Joshua and Caleb when they experience victory in conquering the promise land.

As we declare and proclaim 2016 year will be victorious. We lost this season’s harvest from our little farm because of the typhoon up North, as much as we loose in PH stocks bear market. Not really good, but still we believe God’s desire is to bless us so that we can be a blessing to others.

January is also the time where our church corporately pray and fast. We learned about “audacious faith” the kind of faith that acts & believes the impossible. The kind of faith that is anchored in a promise, the kind of faith that believes in the goodness & sovereignty of God. And we can only have audacious faith when we go back to basic, pray, read the Bible and obey His Word. John 16:24 says “Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive,that your joy may be full.”

One thing that I’m super grateful of is that my husband and I finally start the year by managing our schedule. It was really bad last year, dahil nag-aadjust pa kame, we tend to forget stuff, fight over small things, easily get tired, go to work late… as in di maganda. But this year, we plan our schedule from waking up to going to bed, we make weekend plans ahead and we’re good!


We also transferred to a new church from Victory Alabang to Victory Robinson’s Sta Rosa.


At work, we welcomed Lester as new member of the team, which is a good thing for the group. I also had challenges at work, but thank God for wisdom. Most of the time, all I need is to really go back to Him and ask for help.


We also celebrated my Tatay’s birthday and remember his death this month, meet up with my best friend Leslie, got our wedding photos from Imagine Nation and check-out house in Brentville Subdivision.

And finally I also signed my first blog partnership this year with Kitchenails. 


This is my January… 11 more months of victories! Cheers!

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