Husbands, Don’t Let Your Wife Get Hungry!

My husband is out of the country for work and he left me with today’s love letter saying.

I am passing at Sakuragicho and Kannai everyday and int reminds me of your dragon mode when we were on our way to “Sankokuya” for a ramen. Lol! 🙂


It’s all because he made me walked for almost one hour, hungry, and wearing a wedge pair of boots! Sino ba naman ang hindi magiging dragon at mag-iinit ang ulo sa ganitong sitwasyon. Anyways, lessons learned for all the husband, don’t let your wife get hungry…

Lessons learned:
We both learned to understand our differences. Ang malapit sa asawa ko, malayo sa kin. Pag sinabi nya na malapit 2 hr drive, malayo na yun sa kin. Ang malapit sa kin 15 mins drive. We have different tolerance pag dating sa gutom. Pag nagutom ako, mainit talaga ulo ko, super reklamo and I will settle for anything to eat just to satisfy my hunger. Pero ang husband ko, kahit gutom okay lang. He can wait, he can be his normal self kahit gutom. Hindi sya nagiging dragon tulad ko. Lol.
Mark and I learned to accept and understand our differences. God created us unique from each other. We always have a choice, either to make our differences seperate us or compliment us. And we choose, to compliment!

Sharing our honeymoon photos right after I have my bowl of authentic ramen.


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