What I learned from being six months married?

Today, marks our first six months of our marriage journey. Wow, that’s half a year already!

I was pondering what love & marriage has taught me during our first six months as a couple. And this is the best lesson I learned so far… There’s no room for selfishness in marriage.

Love bears all things, believes all things, endures all things. 1 Cor 13:7

Like any other marriages, our first six months is an exciting yet a not so easy adjustment period. I realized how selfish I am when my husband and I have conflicts and misunderstandings. It’s only when I pray that God will remind me that the love, commitment I have for my husband Mark, must reflect the selfless love that Jesus freely gave to man, when He died on the cross for us. Selfless love is unconditional and sacrificial. To be selfless in marriage means that we have to leave and cleave. I learned that I must leave the life I used to live and cleave to a new life clinging to my husband, whatever it takes.love-is-not-selfish1

It is no longer “I” but “us”

It is no longer “me” but “we”

It is no longer “mine” but “ours”

This morning a verse in the song “Indescribable” hit me. It says “You (Jesus) see the depth of our heart and You love us the same. You are amazing God.”  As husband or wife, Jesus love for us is the best picture of love in marriage. As we discover the good and the bad in our spouse, and see the depth of his/her heart, we’ll love him/her the same, nothing will change!

With that I want to honor my husband Mark, for learning to be selfless. Just like me, he entered marriage with imperfections that offended me sometimes. But Mark, humbles himself and ask for my forgiveness, it’s not easy but by the grace of God he was able to do it. I appreciate you love, thank you for wonderful six months. You’re such an amazing man!

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