Icon 2016 Key Take-aways


Last May 28, 2016… My husband and I joined thousands of Filipinos in Icon 2016 held at Samsung Hall, SM Aura. This is my second Icon experience, and my husband’s first time to attend personal finance seminar and like me, he also enjoyed every topic and learned so much from Randell Tiongson and Marvin Germo! But hearing BSP Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo, Dodong Cacanado (Founder of Moriah Farms) and Rex Mendoza (Rampver), made an impact on us.

After this seminar, our perspective on financial planning somehow aligned. When it comes to investment, my husband has a low-risk tolerance while I’m on the medium-risk side! Sometimes, we argue on our investment portfolio. As newly wed, financial decisions and planning also need some adjustments. Unlike when we’re still single we can decide where to invest. But now, it should be tied-up with our life goals as a couple and our priorities. We thank God for this opportunity to learn from the experts! Again, thank you Randell and Marvin for another awesome Investment Conference!

Here’s our key take-away from Icon 2016, that made us excited to work hard, spend less, save enough and invest more.

BSP Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo

  • Now is the time to invest in PSEI, Philippines now has a resilient and strong economy. Philippines has a bright future ahead for the economy, we are now in a position conducive for saving & investing. (That’s straight from the mount of Deputy Governor Diwa) who wow’s me with his intelligence and analysis as he shares economic facts, figures and trends.
  • We had a good inheritance for the Digong’s administration (thank you Pnoy for this legacy). Philippines has a sustained growth momentum, broad-based sources of growth, consistent alignment between  positive growth and low inflation, and finally our economy had maintained an anchor of resilience through sound and stable banking system, healthy external position, sufficient buffers and track record of reforms. The PH economy is poised to achieve sustained growth.
  • The new political leadership has great opportunities to build on previous achievements and make a difference.

Dodong Cacanado (Founder of Moriah Farms)

  • Build a learning organization, one that becomes stronger and wiser from every problem it encounters.
  • Eliminate waste. Wastes are not only the unwanted fruits of the plant but those which also cost value.
  • Prune out anything that stimulates waste.
  • Remove anything that creates leakages.

Rex Mendoza (Rampver)

  • Define your BIG WHY!
  • Make goal boards, this will serve as a reminder.
  • Make a daily choice towards good things.
  • Motivate yourself and be responsible to your own actions.

Marvin Germo

  • Learn MACD and identify the CHANGE on the trend! As change is coming.
  • Set a financial goal.
  • Invest where the people spent their money.

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