How Can I Serve You?

Few months ago I asked my husband, “Love, how can I serve you?” And he paused, and said, “I would really appreciate if you will prepare my office clothes every morning.” And I was surprised, suddenly felt inadequate… In my mind, “Bakit di ko naiisip na gawin yun sa asawa ko?” And he continues, “nung single pa kase ako, nag-iimagine ako na may naghahanda ng isusuot ko. Hindi ko kase alam kung tama ang kulay na napili kong isuot.” It breaks my heart to hear that. My husband, is colorblind, so he cannot distinguished real colors and most of the time mismatched his outfit.


That moment, I’m glad he told me about this, because I would love to do that for him. I would love to serve him and make him happy. I started preparing his office clothes from socks to polo every single day. What a joy to serve my husband and see him happy with this simple gesture every morning. I only spent a minute doing this everyday, and with this simple act of service, I can express my love for him. Though, honestly there are still times that I missed, I had this “forgetfulness” thing, which thank God my husband is already aware, so he forgives me during those times. (lol)


With this simple question, opens an opportunity for us to communicate what we want and how we feel. I never thought, that this simple act of service that I disregard, matters so much to my husband. If I didn’t ask, he will just always wish that one day, I will do this for him, he will everyday expect from me and the other hand, everyday that I’m not doing it, he might feel disappointed of me that I don’t meet his one of expectations. I believe, it’s important for couples to be open and transparent, we must not wait for our spouse to guess what’s in our mind, we must tell them what we feel and think, what we want and we don’t want, in this way, we can act on it and do it lovingly for our spouse.

Today, why don’t you ask this simple question to your spouse? You might be surprise too and his/her answer might make a difference to your marriage.

Photo credit from Pinterest

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