El Nido’s Twin Beach Travel Diary

During our honeymoon in El Nido last October 2015, Twin Beach was the first island we explored! Unplanned. It was our second day in El Nido, and we’re still tired from our 7 hours travel time, so my husband and I decided just to hang-out by the beach, chill chill lang at magpaka-cheesy!

20151027_162819We hired a tryk going here and we paid P1,500 for round-trip. The driver waited for us and took most of our photos together, lol. It looks expensive for a tryk ride, but it’s worth it, 1 hour drive in 70% rough road. I think they even deserve more.


Nacpan beach was breathtaking, white sand, clear blue water, peaceful and quiet! What a perfect place for beach bumming with my spouse!



We are in awe of the picturesque seen of Nacpan beach.

There are small restaurants in the island, and they served really good and fresh seafood dishes! It was special moment to us because it’s my husband’s first time to eat king crabs. I’m surprised, I told him, he have to eat crabs since he choose to spend the rest of his life with me!

After lunch, we stayed under a coconut tree and read a book about marriage, I remember we read about “conflicts on marriage” and had a fruitful discussion… and then we sleep. We can do this all day!

Before we left, manong driver brought us on a hill, to see this view of the twin beach of Nacpan and Calitang.



Capped-off our adventure with a “kiss”

Water, skies and trees, simply reminds me of the beauty and wisdom of our Creator. – Jenice



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