Sandbox Adventure Travel Diary


Last year I finally had a chance to try Sandbox at Porac, Pampanga! I went here with my fiance and my victory group. We spent half day here to try most of their attractions. We availed Package B for Php500 which includes entrance fee and the following activities:

  • Giant swing
  • Rappel wall
  • Wall climbing
  • Roller coaster zipline

Not bad for  500 bucks, because we tried all! The most thrilling for me is the giant swing and roller coaster zipline. We really had so much fun in the middle of summer heat here in Sanbox Alviera! It’s a must visit for those who have adventurous spirit!


Some tips if you plan to go: wear rubber shoes, comfortable clothes and sunglasses, apply sunblock (because it’s really hot), bring water (lots of it) and do not be afraid, jump-in and conquer your fear!

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” – Amelia Earhart

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