Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy

Being married for 10 months, I must say that cooking skills is essential at home. Good thing both my wife and I, learned cooking from our mothers, before we get married. Nanang & Nanay taught us how to cook most of Ilokano and Tagalog dishes. We thought, we already know the basics, but when we attended a one-day culinary arts class sponsored by Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy we realized that there’s still so much to learn! From storing your ingredients & leftovers, to preparation, to cooking, to plate presentation and a lot more (I guess).


Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy was established in 2012, the academy is located in San Juan City. This learning institution aims to provide world class culinary education. Partly owned by world renowned Filipino Chef, Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro, MCHA offers dynamic and flexible curriculum designed by most dedicated and passionate chefs and instructors in the Philippines.

This one-day culinary art class experience was really fun and educational, it fired up my passion in culinary, considering Chef Myrna Palma only taught us one of cooking fundamentals, which is “Cooking Methods“. How much more if I take one of their short-courses or a diploma culinary arts.


After the few hours of lecture, we headed to MCHA kitchen, it was huge and complete with all kitchen appliances, utensils and ingredients enough for more or less 20 students.


Photo credit: Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy


Photo Credit: Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy



Chef Fats, announced that we’ll be cooking Chicken Cordon Bleu with Bechamel Sauce and Buttered Parsley Potatoes and Vegetables on the sides. Chef Fats provided us the recipes and ingredients. All the bloggers in the kitchen, were so excited to cook, except for me, as our group assignment is to cook Buttered Parsley Potatoes, I wish I’m assigned to the Cordon Bleu group.

Anyways, I just did my best in preparing those potatoes.


Chef Fats, demonstrated how to prepare and cook each recipes, after the demo, we tried it on our own.



Here are some photos of preparation and cooking. 🙂

And finally, here’s my Chicken Cordon Bleu plate presentation for my lovely wife.


It was a great and unique experience for us! It’s something that we can try at home! Yes, preparing hotel & restaurant dishes without hurting your pocket. I’m leaving MCHA kitchen more inspired to cook for my wife. Again thank you Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy, Chef Myrna Palma and Aldous of for a wonderful experience.


If you’re interested to pursue your passion in cooking and culinary arts, you can check out MCHA’s one-year Diploma course in Culinary Arts (Cookery NC II and Bread & Pastry Production NC II) and their short courses: 60 hours of Culinary Arts Fundamentals, Pastry Arts Fundamentals or 20 hours of Breadmaking Fundamentals. Visit their MCHA facebook page for more information.

Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy 

Address: 663 J. Wright St., Brgy. Batis, San Juan, Metro Manila 

Telephone No.: +63 2 7234926 

Mobile No: +63 917 8630399 

Fax No.: +63 2 7234928 












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